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Keto Shopping List at Sam’s Club

Updated May 26, 2020

Keto Shopping List at Sam's ClubWhen grocery shopping for Keto items I like to buy in bulk so I can make sure I’m stocked up. Sam’s Club has a great variety of Keto items to keep you on track for meal prepping and snacks. I made this Keto shopping list at Sam’s Club along with a printable checklist. Keep in mind that items vary by location and may not be available to you. To get started, you will need a Sam’s Club membership. If you don’t have one you can get one here

Keto Shopping List at Sam’s Club

almond flour

Baking & Cooking

Bob’s Red Mill Almond Flour (this is what makes my Keto pancakes so fluffy)
Coconut Oil
Peanut Butter Powder
Almond Butter
Spices (you can use any type of spices, herbs and seasonings to add some flavor to your meals)
Chia Seeds
Hershey’s Cocoa Powder
Avocado Oil 
Olive Oil

keto cheeseburgers


Rotissare Chicken 
Turkey Sausage
Angus Beef Patties with Asiago Cheese & Applewood Bacon

lunchmeat at sams clubLunchmeat (select from any type of lunchmeat)
Member’s Mark Real Crumbled Bacon
Hormel Microwave Bacon
Chicken (select from a variety of chicken from fresh to frozen, plain only)
Steak (try my Keto Philly Cheesesteak Stuffed Peppers recipe)
Pork Chops
Eckrich Sausage
Ballpark Hot Dogs
Canned Chicken Breast

keto meatballsMeatballs (try this recipe for Keto meatballs and marinara sauce)
Member’s Mark Seasoned Pulled Chicken
Member’s Mark Seasoned Pulled Pork
Jennie-O Ground Turkey


Frank’s Red Hot Sauce
Tabasco Sauce
Pace Salsa
Hellman’s Real Mayo

green beans


Green Beans
Bell Peppers
Cauliflower Rice
Grape Tomatoes

leafy greensRomaine Lettuce



gatorade zero


Water (add a pinch of himalayan salt to help you get through the Keto flu)
Gatorade Zero (great for getting through the Keto flu)
LaCroix Sparkling Water (cherry lime is my favorite)
ZipFizz (these are found in the pharmacy area and are tiny balls that you can add to your water for energy)
Ground Coffee or Kcups
Premier Protein Drinks

cheese crisps



Parmesan Crisps
Quest Chips

meat and cheese snacksFiorucci Panino Hard Salami Wrapped Mozzarella Cheese (these are my favorite snacks)
Utz Pork Rinds (this is what I use for my air fryer chicken wings and fried pickles)
Hormel Pepperoni

beef sticksJack Links Beef Steak


Shrimp (try this recipe for garlic shrimp with zucchini spirals)
Starkist Tuna

cream cheese


Unsalted Butter
Philadelphia Cream Cheese
Unsweetened Almond Milk
Eggs (try this low carb turkey club egg wrap recipe)
Heavy Whipping Cream
Half & Half
Babybel Cheese
Cheese Slices or Block Cheese
String Cheese
Sour Cream
Kerrygold Butter

sams club keto shopping printable list

To make things easier, I created a printable Keto shopping list that you can print and take with you the next time you go to Sam’s Club. All of the items are listed so all you have to do is check mark or cross it off the list. 

Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments and I’ll add them to the list. 

What is the Keto diet? 

The Keto diet is a plan where you make sure you eat 70% fat, 25% protein and 5% carbohydrates. Sticking to this plan will put you into ketosis after 3-5 days where you body burns fat for fuel instead of carbohydrates. When your body does this, weightloss will happen.

How do I start the Keto diet? 

To get started is easy. There is no place you need to sign up or pay a membership fee. It’s all up to you! But don’t worry there are plenty of support groups found online that can give you all the help you need. 

If you find the Keto diet to be intimidating, I would suggest before starting the Keto diet is to first figure out how many carbs you normally eat in a day. Write that number down and then begin restricting your carbs limit either by the day or week to where it gets down to 20g net carbs a day. Once you get there then you go full blown Keto. 

What is the Keto flu? 

The Keto flu usually happens at the beginning state of the Keto diet. It does not happen to everyone but if you do happen to be one of the lucky ones to get it make sure you stay hydrated with water and adding some pink himalayan salt or drinking electrolytes such as Gatorade zero. 

Symptoms of the Keto flu can be dizziness, diarrhea, nausea, weakness, difficulty sleeping, brain fog, and soreness to name a few. The Keto flu can be tough to get through as it may last up to a week but hang in there and don’t get discouraged. You will feel so much once it passes. 


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