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7 Spooky Lunch Ideas


With Halloween around the corner, it’s hard for the kids to not get too excited. My son loves a fun packed school lunch, whether it would be a lunch note, fun shaped food, etc. Here is a way to make your kids excited to eat lunch with these 7 Spooky Lunch Ideas with items you can make from items in your fridge or pantry. You can get more creative and use these Fox Run Mini Halloween Cookie Cutter Set.


7 Spooky Lunch Ideas


  1. Mummy Juice Box – Cut strips of a paper towel and wrap and tape them to the juice box to make it look like a mummy. Leave a small space for the eyes. Draw 2 black circles for the eyes.
  2. Monster Mouths – Slice up an apple and add peanut butter on one side of the apple. Put marshmallows to make it look like teeth and add the 2nd apple slice on top of it.  (Tip- to keep apples from browning, soak them in pineapple juice overnight)
  3. Pumpkin Face Jello – On a container of Jell-O draw a pumpkin face with a sharpie.
  4. Witches Broom Fruit Roll-up – Cut out a broom shape in the fruit roll-up. Roll the top part of a Fruit Roll-up to make it look like a broom handle. At the bottom, cut lines to make a fringe for the end of the broom. Wrap it in wax paper to avoid sticking inside the lunch box.
  5. Ghost PB & J Uncrustables – Make a PB & J Sandwich and cut out a ghost shape in the bread. You can use a fork to go around the edges to seal the sandwich.
  6. Halloween Cheese Cutouts– Use Halloween cookie cutters to make fun shapes with a slice of cheese.
  7. Spooky Popcorn Hand– Use a food service glove and add a candy corn to the end of each finger. Fill up the glove with popped popcorn and use a twist tie at the end of the glove to close it.

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