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12 Spooky Halloween Lunch Ideas for Kids

Updated August 29, 2022

Try these fun, Spooky Lunch Ideas to make some Halloween lunchboxes for the kids during the month of October!

Spooky Halloween Lunch Ideas for Kids

Though Halloween is traditionally a holiday for candy and costumes, it is also the perfect time to create spooky foods. After all, what would be a more perfect time to create spooky lunch boxes and dinners than during Halloween?

Kids love a surprise either with a sweet note or fun shaped food when they open their lunchboxes. It’s what makes lunch fun as they show it off to their friends and puts a smile on their face.

With these easy recipes, you’ll make Spooky Mummy Dogs, Witch Finger Cookies, and more festive treats to enjoy! Pick out your favorite to serve at home or pack into the kids lunches.

Halloween Lunch Ideas for Kids

Witch Finger Cookies – Made to look like the fingers of a witch but fun, easy to make, and much tastier than they look! (via EverydayShortcuts)

Vampire Teeth Cookies – These easy vampire cookies are perfect to add to school lunches. They’re simple, tasty, and not too scary. (via Troprockin)

Chocolate Halloween Popcorn Balls – These treats only require three ingredients – chocolate, popcorn and candy. Easy to make ahead and wrap up for individual treats. (via MapleandMango)

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Apple Monster Mouths – This alternative snack of peanut butter and apple features monster-inspired faces in apples. (via EverydayShortcuts)

Mummy Meatball Crescent Bites – Kids will love these mini bites of crescent dough wrapped around a meatball and topped off with olive eyes. Only 3 ingredients to make and ready in 15 minutes! (via Soulfullymade)

Mummy Hot Dogs – These mummy hot dogs are a great lunch idea. They’re wrapped up in cheese and crescent rolls and candy eyeballs for eyes! (via CrayonsandCravings)

Jack Skellington Ding Dongs – A spooky dessert decorated to look like Disney’s Jack Skellington. Easy to make ahead and pack for lunches. (via EverydayShortcuts)

Halloween Peanut Butter Brownies with Eyeballs – These Peanut Butter Brownies with Eyes are spooky, fun, and all around delicious. You can use your favorite brownie mix, peanut butter chips, and candy eyeballs. (via Soulfullymade)

Mini Ghost Pizzas – Make Halloween lunchtime over-the-top with these adorable Ghost Pizzas. Would be perfect for a Bento Box or homemade lunchables. (via CrayonsandCravings)

Banana Ghosts and Clementine Pumpkins – Cute and healthy Halloween food that’s easy to make with just a few ingredients. (via EverydayShortcuts)

Ghost Pierogi Pizza Pockets – These healthier than typical pierogi pizza pockets are baked, not fried and can be made in minutes using instant mashed potatoes and refrigerated pizza dough. (via Foodmeanderings)

spooky lunch ideas to pack for kids

Bone Breadsticks and Ghost Pepperoni Pizza Dip – A quick and easy lunch idea that can be made using refrigerator pizza dough. Pack the pizza dip in small individual containers for easy dipping. (via EverydayShortcuts)

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