Stay At Home Date Night Ideas

Updated May 24, 2023

Once the kids are in bed or if you just don’t want to go out these stay at home date night ideas are great to do with your significant other!

Stay At Home Date Night Ideas

It’s important to have date night with your significant other. It can make your relationship stronger plus it’s time you get alone to do whatever you want together. Even though you don’t go out make the most of it by putting your phone away, get dressed up and up and make it a romantic getaway right at home.

Binge Watch a Show Or Movie

This is always a great option for date night. You can binge your favorite show on Netflix or watch a movie you’ve been wanting to see on Hulu. A perfect snack that goes with it is this chocolate toffee popcorn or oreo flavored popcorn.

Prepare a Fancy Dinner

Get your apron on and prepare a fancy dinner at home. Not only is it less expensive but it will be made with love and you will be the only ones in the room to enjoy it while having a conversation. Some ideas of a fancy dinner could be Surf N Turf or Bacon Mushroom Pork Chops.

Camp Out

When you want to stay at home but still enjoy the outdoors, set up a tent in the backyard and camp out. Stargaze, build a fire in the fire pit, cook s’mores, and tell stories while you enjoy each other’s company. You don’t necessary need to rough it, set up an air mattress, pillows, snacks and anything else you want to put in the tent.

Make Dessert Together

There are many options of desserts you can make together from basic cookies to cakes. Or if you want to go the romantic route you could have a chocolate fondue where you dip strawberries in feed each other.

Play a Game

A good way to strike up a conversation is to play a game. There are plenty of board or cards games to play if you have a competitive side such as Monopoly, Sorry, Double Trouble, Relative Insanity or if you want to be the best significant ever you could play a video game like Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Thank you Nintendo for providing the game in exchange for a review.

Have a Conversation

Sometimes just having a conversation between the two of you is good to do. Take time to really get to know your significant other by asking questions about them. Need some questions to get you started? Try these conversation starters cards. Print them off and ask away!

Wine Tasting

When you can’t leave the house, why not have a wine tasting at home. Gather several different kinds of wines and line up some wine glasses and taste each one. Don’t forget the cheese and crackers tray to enjoy in between tastings.

Portrait Drawing

This can be a fun exercise to do together where you each get a sketch pad and draw each other. Then reveal the results when finished to see how each one turned out. You can make it more fun but setting a time limit and draw with the pen in your mouth and not using your hands.

Have a Dance Party

Dance the night away with a dance party. Whether you do it club style or just slow dance it’s a good way to connect with one another. Turn up the volume and let the music take control!

Share a Massage

Wind down and relax by sharing a massage. You may want to look up how to give a massage the proper way before doing so and use lotion or oil.

I hope these stay at home date night ideas were helpful giving you a chance to spend time together even when you can’t get away. If you have anymore ideas, I’d love to hear them.

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