100+ Games to Play with Family During the Holidays

Updated May 24, 2023

While the holidays can be stressful enough, there comes a time where you need to get that stress away. The best way to do that is to play a game with the family while everyone is together over the holidays. It’s a great stress reliever and definitely creates memories to last a lifetime. 

100 games to play with family during the holidays

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There are plenty of games out there to play but I’ve narrowed it down to a little over 100 games. Some are our family favorites and the rest are others favorite ones to play.

Even if you don’t play these over the holidays they still make a great way to cure boredom, snowed in or even a rainy day. Have fun and go play a game! 

kids games to play

Best Games to Play with Family

Kids Games

Rattlesnake Jake – try and take all of Jake’s nuggets before he strikes. One wrong move and you will get a jump scare.

Gooey Louie – don’t pick the wrong gooey or Louie’s eye and head will pop out.

Googly Eyes Showdown – challenge your vision with these vision-distorting glasses and see if anyone can guess what you’re drawing.

Pie in the Face – there are many versions of this game but nonetheless you may get splat in the face as the pie throwing arm can let go at any time.

Hedbanz – keep the family guessing with a question game of “Who am I?” or “What am I?”.

Plumber Pants – everyone will get wet in this game as the plumber pants will fall when they get to heavy and water sprays from the sink.

Frozen II Matching Game – match your favorite Frozen characters in this matching game and whoever has the most matches wins!

Disney Princess Enchanted Cupcake Party – mix, match and make cupcakes in time for the party!

Frozen II Labyrinth Junior – move walls of the maze to create a path to your favorite Frozen characters.

Bouncing Bingo – take turns bouncing the ball onto the Bingo platform, when it lands on an animal, place a chip on that same animal on your card. First one to get Bingo, wins!

Stink Bug – turn over cards to match bugs but watch out for the stink bug. If he shows up you’ll lose all of your unmatched cards in your collection.

Heads Talk Tails Walk – a fun matching game for kids and parents to play. The hilarious sounds and movements you have to make will have everyone laughing.

Don’t Wake Daddy – try to make your way around the game board without waking Daddy up.

Don’t Step In It Unicorn Edition – try not to step on the unicorn poop made out of colorful soft clay as you make your way around the game board.

Yeti in my Spaghetti – take turns removing noodles from the bowl and try not to let the Yeti fall or you lose.

Don’t Break the Ice – tap the layers of ice out without letting the penguin fall or you lose.

Apples to Apples – compare apples to apples with this card game and whoever has the most description cards wins. 

Soggy Doggy – take turns giving the dog a bath as you make your way around the board but be careful as the doggy likes to shake getting you soaked and making you go back to start.

Toilet Trouble – flush but watch out as you might get sprayed by water.

Pop the Pig Game – feed the pig and watch his belly grow bigger and bigger. If his belly pops, you win!

Pimple Pete – take turns popping Pete’s pimples but if you burst the mega zit you lose.

Shark Bite – fish for colorful sea creatures but watch out as you’ll never know when the shark will bite.

Chow Crown – wear a crown and try to bite all the dangling food without your hands before the music stops.

Egged On – take a crack at this game to see if you pick the right egg and avoid getting wet.

Greedy Granny – take treats from Granny’s tray but be careful as you never know when she will wake up.

Dunk Hat – soak the person wearing the hat by throwing the foam balls at the targets.

Hot Potato Electronic Musical Passing Game – laugh out loud game of tossing the tater around but don’t get caught holding the spud when the music stops or you lose the game.

Brain Freeze – classic strategy games that benefits the brain.

family card games

Card Games

Betcha Can’t – a game of betting and bragging. How many things to do you?

Zen Battle – prove you are most chill in this race to become a Zen Master.

Don’t Go Boom – your mission is to not go boom. A game that keeps you guessing down to the last card.

Uno – there are many versions of this game from the basic card game to Uno Attack. 

Family Fued Cube Game by Cardinal – play the popular TV show with this trivia version.

Not Parent Approved Card Game – laugh out loud game where awkward turns into fun. Read the questions to get some answers you will find hard to believe.

Would You Rather – there are many versions of this game from family edition to party edition. Choose wisely! 

Heads Up! – this game version is similar to the app but you try to figure out what the card on the headband says from your partner’s clues.

Relative Insanity – hilarious game where family members get even crazier with the punch line they choose.

Never Have I Ever Card Game – this card game provides laughter and awkwardness with friends and family depending on how open you are with your family and how much you want them to know.

Reverse Charades – this is a game of charades with a twist where you act out the word while you teammate guesses.

It’s in the Bag – a classic acting game with teamwork. Be quick and win points!

The Game of Things – read a topic, write down a response, then read out loud and guess who wrote it down.

Flinch – the ultimate stockpile game where the first player to play all of their cards, wins.

Utter Nonsense – combine silly voices and accents to create phrases that are just plain utter nonsense.

Family Charades – this games is just as it is, charades, but family edition.

Tonight Show – Face It – make the crazy face listed on the card without laughing. If you crack and laugh you lose.

Skipbo – classic sequence card game that is fun for the whole family.

Guesstures – laugh out loud high speed family charades game.

What’s That Smell? – test your nose with over 50 scents to smell and guess. If you lose you’ll have to smell from the Stank scent and you don’t want that.

This That & Everything – rapid fire game to try and guess famous people, things and places in 30 seconds or less.

Uno Flip – classic game with a twist with a double-sided deck.

Stellar Factory Werewolf – a game of strategy and visual to find out who is a villager and who is a werewolf.

That Was Awkward – embarrass yourself to win by saying the most absurd thing ever.

Everybody Knows – test your knowledge with common everyday questions to see who can answer them the fastest.

5 Second Rule – name 3 things in the category listed on the card in five seconds. Can you do it?

Kids Against Maturity – family fun and age appropriate humor of filling in the blank on the cards.

Pun Intended – great for the pun-loving family who loves to laugh at these side-splitting jokes.

board games to play

Board Games

Double Ditto – a challenging game to see if you will write down what other will write down and match.

Spoof – a bluffing game that will have your family laughing all night long.

Sorry – classic board game of strategy and luck as you slide, bump and race around the board.

Trouble – pop the bubble and move the pegs to try to get them all around the board to win.

Risk – this game may be a long one but if you’re up for the challenge or spending multiple days with the family, this is the game of strategy conquest to play.

Pictionary – a quick draw game where you don’t have to be an artist but draw good enough so your teammates can guess it.

Beat the Parents Family Challenge Board Game – a friendly family competition game where you play against each other and try and win all 4 medals to win the game.

The Logo Game – try to guess logos, slogans and commercials with this game. I bet there are a few you won’t get or will surprise you.

The Blockbuster Party Game – great game for movie lovers that filled with strategy and movie trivia.

James Corden Carpool Karaoke Board Game – like to sing? This game is for you as you sing along for points.

Monopoly – there are several different themes of this game to choose from but all play the same as the player with the most money wins the game.

Jaws – play the shark attacking swimmers or the member of the crew saving tourists. This game will bring back memories of the classic movie while you play.

Horrified – if you like monsters such as Frankenstein or the Mummy this 60 minute game is one to play and different each time you play.

Surprise Slides – travel through the Northuldra forest with your Ana and Elsa as you twist and turn your way through it.

Candyland – travel the path of delicious surprises to race across the board to the castle.

Chutes & Ladders – great game for kids and adults as you pawn up and down ladders across the board.

The Game of Life – family classic game where you pick a path of life that filled with surprises. The wealthiest person wins.

Clue – game of solving a murder mystery where there are 6 suspects and one murder. See if you can guess right.

Mouse Trap – fun and exciting family game building traps to catch the opponents mice.

Wheel of Fortune – play the TV show right in your living room and solve the puzzles.

Scrabble – use word tiles for a wordy showdown. The person with the most points, wins.

Tonight Show – Box of Lies – stump family by taking turns by deceiving each other of the images inside the mystery box.

Spontuneous Family Board Game – race to blurt out the song containing the word that is given.

Phone Phever – a game to play with your phone with 6 different trivia categories of music, movies, TV, laws and politics and more.

Jinx – don’t get jinxed in this game as you try to line up 3 in a row after rolling the dice.

Sequence – try to score the 5-card sequences before your opponents do to win the game.

Pay Day – a game built on savings and the object is to have the most money to win.

Other Games

Jenga – pull out blocks carefully as you try not to make the tower fall.

20 Second Showdown – beat the timer to complete the fun and quirky challenges.

What’s in the Box? Game – challenge your family to guess what is in the box in 10 seconds or less.

Guess Who – try to guess the other person’s mystery characters by asking questions.

Yahtzee – the ultimate dice game where you can risk it all. The person with most points wins.

Ker Plunk – carefully remove the sticks and try to make the least amount of marbles fall as you do it.

Connect 4 – line colored discs in a row and you win.

Twister – great game to play indoor or outdoor where you get tangled in the fun as you make your move on the colored dots based on what the spinner shows.

Battleship – strategic game filled with epic battles of sinking ships and crashing planes.

Operation – using the tweezers operate on Sam without touching the sides. If the game buzzes, you lose.

Hungry Hungry Hippos – get ready to get the hippos chomping and collecting as many marbles as you can to win.

Jelly Belly Bean Boozled – a guessing game of wacky flavors from toothpaste, skunk and more. See if you can guess right.

Don’t Make Me Laugh – put on your best performance and win awards in some hilarious scenarios.

LCR Dice Game – a popular dice game you’ll want to play over and over. The last player with chips wins the pot.

Scattergories – be quick to write down an answer for each category listed on the card before the timer runs out.

Hearing Things – put on the headphones and try to read lips and guess the phrase.

Flickin Chicken – flick the chickens and try to get them to land on the target and score points.

Googly Eyes – try to draw as you wear the vision distorting glasses and see if your team can guess before the time runs out.

Speak Out – try to speak wearing a mouthpiece and see if you team can guess the phrase you are saying.

Dabble Word Game – fun word game for the whole family where you try to spell 5 words using 20 tiles. The first person to do it wins.

Family Secrets – test how well you know your family with this game filled with good clean fun.

Quick Cups Match N Stack Family Game – be quick to stack the cups at lightning speed and ring the bell. Collect cards as you win and the player with the most cards wins the game.

Bounce Battle Wood Edition Game Set – dozens of ways to battle it out in this fun competitive game built of strategy, skill and chance.

Chess – a game that has been around for years and a classic game to play.

Pass the Pigs – compete to try and get 100 or more points to win the game by rolling and passing the pigs.

family games

What’s your favorite game to play with the family?

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