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Nickelodeon Hotel Orlando, Florida

Updated September 4, 2015


Nickelodeon Hotel Review

To roundup our Florida vacation, our last stopped was at the Nickelodeon Hotel. And let me say that we saved the best for last. When we arrived, the building is not hard to miss with the bright orange and colorful colors. We were excited for some fun.

Nickelodeon Hotel Capsule

My oldest son was so excited to find the Nickelodeon Studios Time Capsule. That was his mission every since we arrived to Florida and search high and low for it where the original studios was only to find it at the front doors of the hotel. 🙂

Nickelodeon Hotel room

After we checked in we arrived to our spacious kid-friendly room. It has wallpaper with bikini bottom and the Spongebob characters. The room had a living room (with a sleeper sofa), kitchen, bathroom, kids room (with 2 twin-size beds), and a parents bedroom (with a queen-size bed). For the 5 of us we had plenty of room to store luggage and ourselves.

Nickelodeon Hotel Treats

Waiting on the kitchen table was a package for us that consists of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle items that included masks, a backpack, cup, bracelets, and more. In addition to the TMNT package we also got freshly baked cookies that were eaten up within minutes.

Nickelodeon Hotel water park

We decided to tour the water area for the beginning of our stay. When you walk into the gated pool area the first thing that stands out is the water playground (is what I call it). It is a jungle gym filled with slides, water guns, and of course the bucket of green slime that falls down every 45 minutes. The staff does an intro to the bucket of slime with a song and a countdown. Then, the bucket of green slime comes gushing down. Also, in the pool area there is a regular size pool, jacuzzi, pool table, mini golf, and a basketball court.

After the pool we decided to wind down with a 4D movie located in the mall area. The theater featured several 4D movies throughout the day. You get 3D glasses and experience right along with the movie from splash of water, bubbles, wind, and more. It was quite the experience that we even saw some movies twice.

Nickelodeon Hotel Slime Show

At the end of the night we got chosen to be in the Nick Studio Double Dare show. We headed to the theater before the show to get suited up and pick our team name. We were asked a serious of questions and had to do a physical challenge. At the end we did not win to continue on to the obstacle course so we had to put pies in our own faces. The other team continued to do the obstacle course and the kids got slimed at the end.

My son got disappointed for not getting slimed so the host was nice enough to bring some out and put on him. He was thrilled to get slimed.

Nickelodeon Hotel Character Breakfast

The next day we got up to the Character Breakfast. When you arrive you get a lay to wear around your neck and enter Bikini Bottom. I was amazed at all of the food offered for the breakfast buffet. There were rows and rows of food to choose from. While we were sitting down to eat Spongebob, Squidwad, Patrick, Sandy, and Mrs. Puff came out to visit. They did an intro show before they walked around for pictures and an autograph. My husband being the kid himself got chosen to dance with Sandy. You can see in the video below, how much fun he had dancing.  We got autographs and pictures from each of the characters walking around.

Overall we enjoyed staying at Nickelodeon Hotel. Our family had the most fun staying at the resort as you don’t have to leave. There is so much to do for the kids and adults including the late night movie in the pool area to wind down the kids so parents can enjoy a drink or talking to each other.

We love that the parents have their own room and that the room itself is spacious to fit a family. If you are staying for several days there are kitchen cabinets, sink, and microwave to make your own meals in the comfort of your room.

This is one fantastic hotel and I know you will love your stay as much as we did.

 Disclosure: I was given a media rate featured in this post to facilitate my review. All opinions are 100% mine and not influenced in any way.

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