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How to do Weight Watchers Without Joining

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Weight Watchers has been around for over 50 years and is one of the most successful weight-loss programs to follow.  I don’t really consider it a diet, I consider it as a way to learn how to eat what you want in moderation. There are several Weight Watchers programs you can follow. You can choose Points Plus or Smart Points. Or you can start off with Weight Watchers Simple Smart which will help you get a feel of the program before you decided which one to choose.

The program price can be quite costly with the weekly meetings, cookbooks, points tracker, etc. But I can tell you How to do Weight Watchers for Free with these simple steps.

Figure out your daily points allowance.
You can get you daily points allowance by using this free daily allowance calculator.  This calculator is for points plus, smart points and previous Weight Watchers programs. If you are are following the Freestyle program you can use this free calculator. The new Smart Points program does start at a minimum of 30 points. Each week everyone gets a total of 49 bonus points to use throughout the week if needed.

Keep track of your points daily using a notebook.
Using a notebook log every bit of food you eat and deduct from you daily allowance points. If you do any exercise for the day make sure you add those points to your total rather than subtracting.

Calculate food points.
Food will have different points. Be sure to check serving size on the contents of the package so you know how many points are per serving. You can find out how many points are in foods by using this free points calculator.

Calculate your exercise.
You will receive points for any exercise that you do. This means you will add the activity points to your daily allowance rather than subtracting. So if you gained 2 points from activities, you will be able to eat something worth 2 points if you desire. You can track your activities with this free activity points tracker calculator.

After a while of doing the Weight Watchers program you will get a feel of the points system and know what you can eat and what to stay away from.

There are so many resources online for Weight Watchers recipes, success stories, and support that are free.  You can find them on Pinterest, Facebook Groups, or just by searching the web.


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  4. Thank you for this post. I wanted to do WW again but can’t afford it. I will follow your page!!!?

    • Weight watchers is successful but way too expensive. Im on a fixed income and your system looks great

    • How & where do I enter my food that I eat? I was just wondering since you have been doing this. I used to do WW but quit it today

  5. Remember….your bonus points are not quite right. Im still going to ww. My bonus points started out at 42. Now that my daily points have dropped to 30 ( due to weight loss) my bonus points will drop next. Some of the members closer to goal have only 21 bonus points. Just be careful in that area.

  6. The chart says “Smart Points” do you have a chart for the old weight watchers or are the points the same? Please help

    • If you are looking for information for WW Points, I suggest the app MyScorePlus. You can get your daily points allowance, track food, and calculate food points on this app- under “More” section, “Settings,” “Preferred System,” then click “Classic.” From what I have seen/used, this tracking app is pretty accurate.

  7. Lynne Young Reply

    Thank you for posting this. I am a new widow and can’t spend money on meetings at this time. I was very successful on WW. Unfortunately having to start over. Thanks again.

    • Alison Reply

      In order to lose weight you need to track the points to stay on track otherwise the program will not work.

  8. Are there any apps that i can purchase that can calculate points/ keep track of points?

    • You can do online plus at WW for much cheaper, this gives you access to their app

    • Alison Reply

      Yes, I use Value Diary app and I think it’s $1.99 or around that price.

    • nutty baker Reply

      itrackbites.com Lots of folks use this. There is a free version and a pay option. I am told its like $35 a year. That has a couple of different WW plans on it. I have never used it myself so I can not tell you anymore than I have just told you. I go to WW and since I am lifetime, I don’t pay. I do know that online or digital as they call it now is $19.95 per month. I hope this helps. I have seen people from WW switch to itrackbites and love it.

  9. Hi I am a new mum and trying to lose the baby weight without losing my milk supply for my new born. Is there a way I can lose the pounds with out losing my milk on ww? Thankyou in advance

    • Alison Reply

      You would need to make your points higher if you’re nursing.

  10. I have one of this weight watchers hand held calculators. Can I still use it successfully without joining weight watchers?

  11. can you use the weight watchers special calculator even if you are no longer a member?

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  14. Shelly Wirtz Reply

    Hi Alison…
    Was wondering if you have a food guide with the points and also any recipies? I am also widowed and can not afford to join the classes. I am a liver and kidney transplant and am going thru a kidney rejection. The prednisone you have to take gives you an appetite and have put on 10 lbs already. Can you please help me? I would so much appreciate it!! Thank you, Shelly.

  15. Just downloaded this app but it appears I can’t use the on line food database without subscribing and paying for the Pro upgrade. I’m currently paying for Weightwatchers and want to compare the two to see if this might be a more cost effective alternative — is there a free trial ? Even a 10 day ??

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