7 Tips for Growing Gorgeous Iris

Updated July 3, 2016

tips for growing gorgeous iris


7 Tips for Growing Gorgeous Iris

Iris are classic flowers that gardeners have enjoyed for generations. This perennial can be planted once, and enjoyed for years to come without a whole lot of hassle. If you are considering adding the beauty and grace of iris to your yard this year, here are 7 tips for growing gorgeous iris that you should know!

Give them six hours of sun.
Iris love the sun on their faces, so be sure you are planting bulbs in an area that gets at least six hours of sun. It will not matter if it is afternoon sun or morning sun, as long as it gets six hours it will flourish nicely! Avoid planting iris in shady areas or if your area is prone to lots of overcast days.

Make sure soil is well-drained and loose.
Bulbs need to be able to stretch out and expand their roots, so making sure the soil is well-drained and not compacted or muddy is important. You don’t want the plant to suffer from rot or disease. Choose an area that doesn’t pool water or where water stands. You can till soil prior to planting, and provide about one inch of water per week for best results.

Space bulbs out to avoid crowding.
When planting your iris you might want quick results, but allow the iris to expand on their own and grow into the space. Avoid crowding the iris which can quickly hurt them. When planting, always space out new plants at least 18 inches.

Say no to mulch.
You might like using mulch in your flower beds and landscaping, but iris is not keen on it. This can make the soil around them muddy which can lead to rot and disease. Instead, skip the mulch and let them grow in the regular dirt without any coverings.

Dead head when blooms are spent.
When you notice spent blooms, feel free to break them off. This will help the plant direct nutrients elsewhere and prevents the plant from wasting nutrients on the spent portion. Discard the bloom or toss it in your compost bin.

Divide every few years.
Iris will quickly spread and so you will need to divide them every few years. This is quite easy and just means digging up the root ball and placing it in another area of the yard. Do this when the weather is cooler and the soil is nice and dry for best results.

Cut back stems each fall.
Feel free to trim back the stems each fall. This will help your new growths the following year be vibrant and strong. Just take pruning shears and cut the plant down to the base. You never want to pull the plant out as this will kill the entire plant. Just cut back and allow it to grow again the following year.

Are you ready to start growing gorgeous iris? Give these tips for growing iris a try and see what amazing results you can achieve.

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