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DIY Vertical Herb Garden

diy vertical herb garden

This DIY Vertical Herb Garden is a good weekend project to do and doesn’t take up too much time. I love the fact that I can grow my own herbs at home and eliminate trips to the store when I need some for cooking. All I have to do is go out to my backyard and cut what I need to cook with. And if you want a large variety of herbs you can add some more vertical racks by hanging them on your fence. These racks are reusable too so every year you can have fresh herbs right outside your door.

DIY Vertical Herb Garden

Supplies needed:

  • Vertical metal storage rack
  • Coconut liners
  • Scissors
  • Soil
  • Herb plants of choice
  • Water
  • Spray paint (optional)

herb garden rack

If you wish to change the color of the storage rack, now is the time to apply two coats of spray paint in the color of your choice. Apply two coats and allow to dry well.

herb garden moss liner

Take the scissors and cut the coconut liners to fit the inside of each storage area. Bend and mold the coconut liner to fit the area, making sure all of the sides are covered. This is important because if there are any openings, soil will slip through. You may have to cut the coconut liners into several squares and then fill them in the space as needed.

herb garden with dirt

Begin filling each compartment with soil. You want to fill each one to the top, but make sure your soil is loose and not compacted.

IMG_4180(1) herb garden plants planted herb garden rosemary plants

Plant one herb per compartment so they have plenty of room to stretch and grow. Be sure you plant them deep, and water after adding each plant.

herb garden final

Hang your vertical herb garden in a space that gets at least 6 hours of sun per day. Water an inch of water per week, and be sure to check the moistness of the soil daily.

herb garden side view


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