7 Things Organized People Never Do

Updated June 2, 2016

7 Things Organized People Never Do

Do you wish you get more organized? Are you tired of the clutter and the chaos that comes with it? You might be wondering how organized people do it, how they manage to keep everything so neat and tidy, Well, the truth is there are just some things that organized people NEVER do. What are these things you ask? Take a look below at 7 things organized people never do, so you too can get a grip of the clutter and live a more organized life.

7 Things Organized People Never Do

1. They never keep junk mail.
One of the biggest areas of clutter in any home is the “junk counter” or the place where daily mail and bills are thrown. An organized person doesn’t even let that junk mail into the house, and instead tosses it into recycling before it can become a problem. Deal with junk mail and junk papers PRIOR to bringing them in so they don’t turn into a paper mountain.

2. They don’t rely on paper.
As mentioned above, papers can quickly take over your home. Junk mail, bills, school papers, they all add up. Organized people don’t rely on paper, and instead have switched to paperless billing, paperless filing systems, and a paper free office space. They use digital programs to organize these files and instead enjoy a clutter free and paper free space.

3. They never put organizing off.
Organized people don’t let the clutter get out of control. They take time each day or each week to confront the issue, sort items, and toss what isn’t needed. By doing a bit each day and not putting off, they have smaller, quicker tasks to deal with instead of an overwhelming issue.

4. They never try to take on the task alone.
Organized people know that household organization needs to be an entire household task. They delegate jobs to each person so everyone does their share of work. Having everyone in the family take responsibility for the “stuff” makes the job more manageable and likely to be maintained on a daily basis.

5. They never say, “I might use that later.”
Oh no, organized people don’t say they might use something later. They know that this causes people to get attached to items, making them harder to toss, which then leads to clutter. If they haven’t used something in the last few months, into the donation pile it goes. They are realistic about what they use, and aren’t afraid to toss what they don’t.

6. They never waste time looking for things.
Organized people don’t waste time looking for things, because they have given everything of importance a space. This saves them tons of time that can be used on other more fun areas of their lives. When you take on these habits, you too can never waste time looking for things again.

7. They never take things they don’t need.
Organized people don’t buy something just because it is on sale. They don’t free pens and paper at the local trade show just because it is free. If they don’t have a use for something, they don’t take it home. This helps them keep a clutter free space that they can easily maintain and be proud of.

Are you ready to enjoy a more organized and clutter free life? Consider these 7 things that organized people never do, and try to incorporate them into your own daily habits. You will be amazed at what a difference they can make!

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