21 Day Minimalism Challenge

Having a decluttered, simplified life is so rewarding. The less clutter you have the less stressed you are. What if you could do it in just 21 days? There’s no better time to start now and declutter one day at a time. Follow the steps to this 21 day minimalism challenge where you will learn how to let go of things and live an organized life. Ready to get started? Let’s Go!

21 Day Minimalism Challenge

If you want a printable version of the 21 Day Minimalism Challenge you can print it off here.

21 Day Minimalism Challenge

Day 1: Clean out and purge your closet.
Consider a capsule wardrobe where you only have staple items for each season and store away the other seasons capsules.

Day 2: Go through handbags and clean out the current one you use.
Consider using a smaller handbag so you carry around much less. If the handbags you no longer need are in good condition, why not make some extra cash by selling them on Poshmark.

Day 3: Clean out your fridge.
Empty everything out and wipe down the entire fridge inside and out. Throw away expired items and things you no longer use. Do the same with the freezer.

Day 4: Purge your makeup collection.
Makeup doesn’t last forever and can make you break out if you’re using old makeup. Throw away old makeup to prevent this. Any eyeliner and mascara should be replaced every 3 months, lipstick is good for one year, foundation, blush, primer, and eyeshadow can last up to 2 years.

Day 5: Turn off social media notifications.
Do this on your phone and all other electronic devices to stay away from distractions. This is a great way to detox from the social world as we all need a day or two like this. And don’t worry it will all be there the next day to look at.

Day 6: Don’t spend any money for 5 days.
This will be a good time to use up what you have in your pantry for meals. We like to do a buffet style dinner when using up items and have a variety of what’s let to eat. Think of things to do for free if you’re really wanting to go out such as the park or a free event in the community. 

Day 7: Unsubscribe from emails.
There are probably lots of emails that come in and you just hit delete every time. Unsubscribing from them can definitely clean up your inbox making it much easier to go through emails. 

Day 8: Recycle old magazines and newspapers.
If you have a stack of old magazines and newspapers, chances are you’ve already read them or not going to read them. Get rid of the clutter by recycling them at your local recycle center. They can be used for so many things and you will be helping the environment.

Day 9: Switch to paperless billing.
Keep your mailbox from filling up with bills and go green by switching to paperless billing. To keep track of your bills each month add payment dates to a calendar to give you a reminder when they are do so you don’t forget.

Day 10: Empty out your junk drawer and get rid everything you don’t use.
Most of the stuff in this drawer is probably useless as you just threw it in there because you didn’t know what else to do with it. If you don’t use it or need it get rid of it and try to avoid having a junk drawer if you can and use that drawer for something else.

Day 11: Declutter your desk office and space.
It’s hard to word on a clutter desk and office space. Once you clear everything from the area, it will help clear you head so you can work better. Try organizing things in bins and paperwork in files so you can easily access them.

Day 12: Clean out your night stand.
Night stands can turn into junk drawers as things usually just get thrown in there. Go through, organize it and keep only what you would need to have at your bedside such as TV remotes, chargers, sleep mask, etc.

Day 13: Clean out the kitchen cupboards and only keep what you use.
How many coffee mugs and kitchen utensils are too many? Do you really use that appliance? Try to narrow down what you use the most and get rid of random and duplicate kitchen items. If you tend to collect coffee mugs over time, consider getting rid of half of them to free up space in your cupboards.

Day 14: Clean out the medicine cabinet.
Chances are you probably have some expired medicine in your cabinet that you might not know about. It’s a good idea to go through the medicine cabinet every few months and get ride of expired medicine and dispose it the proper way.

Day 15: Purge old and single socks.
No one knows how socks disappear but it happens and those single socks just sit in the drawer all by themselves. Free up space in your drawer by getting rid of the single socks and any old and holey ones. 

Day 16: Organize your jewelry.
A good way to organize your jewelry is by using drawer compartments, a piece of decor to drape your jewelry over or a display to hang it up. This will keep your jewelry from getting tangled with one another and be easy to find.

Day 17: Donate 10 household items.
This is a great way to give back to the community by donating just 10 items to a local shelter or organization. Plus, it will free up some space in your house and make you feel good. Consider doing this once a month or several times a year.

Day 18: Clean out the kids toy box and let them choose 5 toys to donate.
A great way to get the kids involved is by letting them clean and organize with you. While they may not want to give up their toys, explain to them that a toy they hardly play with could go to another child who will love it. You could let them go with you and drop off the toys and share the experience of doing something good.

Day 19: Organize, delete and backup your digital files.
A cluttered computer is a cluttered mess. Too many photos and files can cause you to not be able to find things you need for work and personal. Create new folders and organize by date, event, etc. This will make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Day 20: Clean out your email and strive for a zero inbox.
Having a zero inbox is a sense of relief and feeling of accomplishment. If you have emails that you need to save, create labels and store them in there so it’s easy to go back and find it. This will help keep your inbox at zero.

Day 21: Clean out the pantry and donate items you won’t use.
Having a clean and organized pantry will make it easier to go in and find what you’re looking for. Consider using bins, shelving, or organizing racks to keep everything neat. Whatever items you don’t want, donate to a local food pantry.

Congrats!! You’ve completed the 21 Day Minimalism Challenge! Now if you want to continue on with the rest of your house try this 31 Days to Declutter challenge next.

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