The Best Kid-Friendly Packing Hacks They Can Even Do

Do you want to travel with your kids, but hate packing for them? That’s where these kid-friendly packing hacks that they can even do come in handy. You’re going to learn to love your vacations again. Plus, you won’t hate packing because these tips will get your kids involved and put less stress on you.

kid friendly packing hacks

Kid-Friendly Packing Hacks

Keep it simple
As much as you want to pack every single outfit they own, this isn’t what needs done. You need to pack the bare essentials. This way, having the kids do it themselves is a lot easier.

Make a list
If your kids are packing their own suitcase, they can most likely read. This means you can write a list for them and they can do to town. You’d be surprised at how much fun kids will have by going off of a list and packing along with it. 

Have them double check their bags
Have the kids do a double check of their bags by using the list and putting an check mark next to each thing that is in their bag. This will be less work for you and fun for them. 

Pack together
Just because you’re packing, it doesn’t mean you or
Your child has to do it alone. In fact, you guys can do this vacation packing thing together. The more you help your kids as they’re little, the better they will get at
packing as they get older.

Teach the kids how to roll their clothes
Part of packing is putting everything in the container. Sit down and show your kiddos how to roll their rolling clothes, you can fit so much more inside of the suitcase! Make a game out of it and see how much fun the kids have with it.

Let your child pick out a suitcase
Did you know kids are more excited to help out when they’re involved? By letting your kids pick out their own suitcase can be an exciting task for them. Packing can be a daunting task for a little kid or even a bigger kid, but letting them pick out a suitcase can help get them enthused about an upcoming trip.

Hopefully, these tabs help you when you’re packing for your next trip or vacation. The sooner you get your kids involved in the packing process, the easier it will be down the road. What kid friendly packing tips do you have to add?

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