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Free Things You Can Get at Disneyland

Free Things You Can Get at Disneyland

Disneyland can cost you a pretty penny, but the good news is, there are many free things your kids and yourself can enjoy and take home from the park if you just know where to look. Here is a list of free things you can get at Disneyland.

Free Things You Can Get at Disneyland

disneyland button

Buttons for certain occasions– If it’s your birthday, anniversary or even wedding day, just ask for a free Celebration Button. Not only is the button free, but when Disney employees see it, they will often wish you an extra special day. This can be great for kids. And, if it’s your first time at Disneyland, you can get a pin for that as well!

Free refreshments– Water is always free in cups at restaurants and many stands and you can also get free refills when you buy a drink at some places so you could virtually get free pop all day after the first initial purchase.

Free food for preschoolers and toddlers– There are several buffet places at Disneyland that offer free meals for toddlers and preschoolers under the age of 3. This can be a great way for parents of younger kids to feed their brood for cheaper.

Autographs from characters– You can get free autographs from the characters in the park just by asking. This can be a fun way to take home a keepsake for free if you buy a fun notebook before you go for the kids to grab them.

ghirardelli at disneyland

Free Chocolate– who would turn down free chocolate? If you happen to visit Ghirardelli, they will give you free chocolate samples.

Short Term parking– You can get free parking at Downtown Disney for 2 hours at a time. If you want additional time, you can get a pass that gives you 2 more hours of free parking when you dine at or shop at the restaurants in Downtown Disney.

Driver’s ‘license’- You can get a free driver’s ‘license’ just for riding the Autopia ride and requesting one when you get off the ride.

Drawing classes– You can go to Animation Academy and ‘take’ free drawing classes to learn how to draw characters. You even get to take your piece of artwork home.

Free FastPasses– In Downtown Disney, you can go to the Vacation Club and listen to their speech for an hour (in air conditioning, so it’s not totally bad) and they will give your whole family free FastPasses. If you are worried about the kids acting up, they provide entertainment for them while you listen. On top of being free, they are usually good for more than one day so you only have to listen to the presentation once during your trip.

Disneyland recipes– You can go to the Tiki Room in Adventureland, you can get recipe cards for the famous Dole Whip and other Disneyland recipes.

Samples of all kinds– You can get free popcorn samples from Popcone/Cozy Cone (in Radiator Springs) and in downtown Disney, you can get free bread samples at Boudin Bakery. You can also get free samples of Mint Julep in New Orleans Square.

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