Disneyland is Celebrating It’s 60th Anniversary #Disneyland60

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Every time I hear the word “Disney” it seems so magical to me. It’s a place where I can be a kid again no matter what age I am. My very first visit to Disneyland was 25 years ago when I was in junior high. I still remember parts of what it looked like back then. I recently visited Disneyland for my second time this past week for their Diamond Celebration. Although the park has changed quite a bit there were still bits and pieces of the park that was the same and that I remembered as a kid.


disney-quoteCan you believe that Disneyland has been creating magical smiles throughout the world for 60 years? I would have love to sit down with Walt Disney on that very same bench that he sat on and talk with him about the park to learn more.


Since Walt could not be with us, we had some knowledgeable guides take us on a tour of the park with some valuable information.


Throughout the park you will find diamonds everywhere from our lunch containers, decorations in the park, and over 500 special Diamond Celebration items in the gift shops.


While we were having lunch some special guests arrived for a photo opp that I could not resist having fun with. Dressed up in their Diamond Celebration Attire was Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy.


Even though I am not a talented artist myself, I could watch one draw all day. This lovely lady was drawing some famous characters to raffle off during our lunch.


We first stopped at the Tomorrowland ride that was created from the movie Tomorrowland featuring George Clooney, Thomas Robinson, and Raffey Cassidy. This ride is a retro rocket ride that spins you around the orbs of the solar system in Tomorrowland.


Do you remember the part in the movie where Thomas Robinson goes on “It’s a Small World” ride? We got a chance to take a photo opp in the very same boat he sat in for the film. And after the photo opp we took a ride on “It’s a Small World”. The ride has changed since I have been there as they have added some Disney characters such as The Little Mermaid, Buzz, Woody, Lilo, Stitch, and more singing “It’s a Small World” of course.


The rest of the day we enjoyed rides throughout the park as it was a perfect day. The park was decked out in Halloween decorations along with the diamonds. Several rides I went on were Radiator Springs Racer, Soarin’, Indiana Jones, Astro Blasters, Haunted Mansion, and the Matterhorn Bobsleds just to name a few.


Be sure to check out The Haunted Mansion as it is decked out for the Holidays through January.

paint-the-night-parade paint-the-night-parade-monsters-inc paint-the-night-parade-little-mermaid paint-the-night-parade-cars

At the end of the night you cannot leave without seeing the “Paint the Night” LED parade that goes down Main Street and the fireworks above the castle. There are more than 1.5 million lights displayed at the parade on the floats. You will find your favorite characters from Frozen, Monsters Inc., Cars, and more.


During the fireworks show you will see projections on the castle along with characters flying around it. The fireworks and music tell a story with different scenes from different Disney movies. These 2 shows are ones you don’t want to miss!


Don’t forget to grab some ice cream before these 2 shows at the Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor on Main Street. It is a real trip to eat ice cream while watching the shows and their ice cream is delicious.

Check out this video that pretty much sums up my day at Disneyland. You can make your own too at http://www.mydisneylandvideo.com/.

I could go on forever about Disneyland’s Diamond Celebration but you should experience it for yourself. Visit Disneyland.com for more information on the park and how to make your trip magical.

Disclosure: Disney provided me with an all expense paid trip to LA to the #TomorrowlandBloggers #AladdinBloggers & #Disneyland60 Events.  All opinions are 100% mine and not influenced in any way.