Creative Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Updated April 20, 2017

This Easter instead of doing the traditional egg hunt, try some different approaches to make egg hunting more fun. Here is a list of 5 creative Easter Egg Hunt ideas the kids are sure to love.

creative easter egg hunt ideas

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Creative Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Color Hunt– Assign each kid a specific color(s) of eggs to find. This helps make it fair so each kid can get the same amount of eggs, especially if you have younger kids.

Glow in the Dark Hunt – Add glow sticks to plastic eggs and turn off the lights for a fun egg hunt. You can find a variety of glow sticks at dollar stores. This might also be a fun egg hunt for older kids.

Scavenger Egg Hunt– Put clues inside each egg to give a clue to where the next egg is hidden.

Treasure Map Hunt – Create a map on a piece of paper marking it with X’s to where the eggs may be hidden that leads up to a treasure chest at the end. When they are finished finding all the eggs it will lead them to the treasure chest where they can open it up to find it filled with candy and goodies. You can use something as simple as a shoe box for a treasure chest.

Obstacle Course Hunt – Be creative in creating an obstacle course in the backyard that kids have to go thru that lead them to the eggs. You can use bounce houses, trampolines, pool noodles, hula hoops, etc. This is also a fun way to burn off some energy.

In the past there have been times where we couldn’t find all the eggs and I end up forgetting where I put them. What I like to do to remember is use a notebook and write down where I hid each egg. That way you can make sure no egg is forgotten.

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