College Dorm Room Essentials

College Dorm Room Essentials

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Summer is just about over and it’s time for the kids to head back to school. While the younger kids school supply list may be easier the college kids tend to be a bit more complicated.

My oldest will be heading off to college this year and we could not believe how much stuff he needed for the dorm room. It was a bit overwhelming as we had to lay everything out to make sure he was covered. I’m here to help with a list of college dorm room essentials to get you started. This list is just the basics and might not be everything your college student will want to bring so feel free to add to the list.

College Dorm Room Essentials

Sheets, pillow, mattress pad and a comforter is an absolute must in the dorm room as they are not provided and having your own set feels more like at home. You may even want to bring a second set of sheets for a back up in case you need to wash them and can’t get to the laundromat. And a small laundry basket or closeable hamper is good to have on hand to throw the dirty clothes and sheets in for the week.

Most dorms do not have a shower in or connected to the room so you may need to go down the hall to shower. In doing so you will also need to bring everything with you and should have the following on hand: towel, washcloth, shower shoes, robe, and toiletries. I would suggest getting a shower caddy so everything is easy to transport to and from the shower to your dorm room.

More than likely you will need a microwave and mini fridge in your room as they are not provided. The microwave is what the majority of your meals will be made in unless you plan to eat in the cafeteria. And the fridge will help keep things cold. Additional items you’ll need are plates, silverware, and drinking glasses. Paper products are definitely easier so you don’t have to worry about cleaning them but can get pricey so you make that decision. And another accessory that may be a must for some is a coffee maker if the dorm allows it. Having it in the room will not only save you money but save you time from stopping at the coffee shop.

Cleaning Supplies
Since your mother will not be there, it’s your duty to do the cleaning so having cleaning supplies is essential to have on hand. Besides laundry detergent, you will need some additional cleaning supplies. I suggest a multi-surface cleaner so that you can use it on everything in the dorm and not have multiple cleaning products.

A good one that I suggest is PURELL® Multi-Surface Disinfectant. It kills 99.99% of germs to keep you healthy throughout the school.  Has no harsh chemicals or fumes to overpower your roommates and can work on a variety of hard & soft surfaces in the dorm room.

The PURELL® Hand Sanitizing wipes and PURELL® Advanced Hand Sanitizer 1oz. bottles are great to keep in your backpack for cleanups in an instant! And the PURELL® Hand Sanitizing and HEALTHY SOAP® products are good to have in the bathroom to keep the entire dorm room floor healthy.

The PURELL products can be found on,, and as well as additional retailers, which can be found at

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