50 Reasons to Plant a Garden

Updated June 15, 2016

Gardening shovel in the soil in front of green leaves

People plant gardens for many reasons. Some love having fresh food at their fingertips, others love that gardening saves them money. Some love the aesthetics of a garden, while others find peace doing it. Whatever the case may be, we all have our reasons for enjoying this amazing pastime! If you are on the fence about planting a garden this year and need a little convincing, take a look below at 50 reasons to plant a garden. You will find 50 reasons worth getting out and digging in the dirt for, and hopefully, will find a little inspiration to get growing.

50 Reasons to Plant a Garden

1. Being exposed to the microbes in dirt can strengthen your immune system.

2. You can find many of the gardening supplies you need at your local dollar store.

3. Garden seeds cost just pennies a piece.

4. Perennial garden plants will come back each year giving you bang for your buck.

5. Brightly colored garden plants will attract entertaining hummingbirds.

6. Blooming flowers will attract important pollinators like bumble bees.

7. Blooming flowers will also attract gorgeous butterflies. These are also important pollinators!

8. Plants help clean the air and release oxygen into the atmosphere.

9. Gardening is excellent exercise with all of the pulling and digging. Don’t forget the squatting and hauling in produce too.

10. Planting a garden as a family is a great bonding activity. Kids will love being actively involved in the planning and planting of the garden.

11. Watching plants grow can be educational to children. They will learn so many important science skills.

12. You can save seeds from your produce to grow your summer garden. This saves you from having to buy store seeds.

13. Gardening saves you money since you grow your own produce. No more waiting for sales at the grocery store.

14. Having access to fresh food at your fingers saves last-minute store trips. No more impulse purchases.

15. Growing your own food helps you be more self-sufficient. Just think, you grew that!

16. Growing your own produce can save you tons of money per pound. No more combing through sale ads.

17. Growing your own fresh herbs will save you money as well, costing only pennies per serving instead of $3 and up per package.

18. Growing a garden gives you plenty of extra produce to share. Your neighbors will love you!

19. You can make money selling extra items from your garden.

20. Enjoy fresh flowers and hand tied bouquets when you grow your own flowers.

21. You can keep certain bugs and pests out of your yard when you plant citronella and basil.

22. Grow produce to can or freeze for later. You will be amazed at how much money you can save.

23. Working in your garden can feel peaceful and serene.

24. A garden attract wildlife to your yard which is always entertaining.

25. Home grown berries are perfect for preparing jellies and jams.

26. Home grown herbs are perfect for making herb infused oils.

27. A garden can make your property more attractive.

28. A garden invites kids to come and be active outdoors.

29. Having a hobby such as gardening can help you meet new friends and enthusiasts.

30. Kitchen scraps can be turned into compost perfect for feeding your garden.

31. A garden is a great way to use up yard leaves as they can be used as mulch.

32. Growing a garden can improve the soil that it is planted on.

33. Gardening allows you to grow produce you may have never tried before.

34. Gardening can help you be more inclined to try a healthy diet.

35. A garden provides fresh snacks for kids to enjoy at anytime.

36. A garden can attract birds that you may not have seen in your yard before.

37. Growing a garden can promote and strengthen problem solving skills.

38. Gardening can help you be more in touch with your ancestors and how they grew their own food.

39. Gardening encourages a thriftier lifestyle.

40. Gardening encourages a more simple lifestyle.

41. You can find free gardening plans and layouts online. Just print and copy!

42. There are so many gardening hacks to save you time and money. Find them on Pinterest!

43. Gardening can help lower your stress which in turns lowers blood pressure.

44. Gardening provides you gifts for others such as flowers, fruits for baskets, or veggies to make someone a pot of stew.

45. The aroma of flowers in your garden can help you feel more relaxed and can provide aromatherapy benefits.

46. Growing plants such as lavender is ideal because it can be used to help with headaches and other ailments.

47. Drying the herbs and flowers you grow is perfect for your crafting needs.

48. There are plenty of fall crops that can be planted and enjoyed well into the winter months, saving you tons of cash.

49. When you garden you know exactly where your food comes from.

50. There is no need to worry about pesticides. You know your produce is organic.

Are you convinced yet that it is time to plan a garden? Give these 50 reasons to plant a garden your consideration and then get out and get growing! There has never been a better time to get started on your garden so you can start enjoying these benefits right away.

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