31 Days to Declutter

31 Days to Declutter Your Home & Live Life Simply: Pantry (Day 14)

Updated February 9, 2016


31 Days to Declutter Your Home & Live Life Simply: Pantry

Having an organized pantry will help you save money from buying items that you may already have but couldn’t see because the pantry was a mess. You will also be able to find items easier and keep the food from going bad.

pantry organization

My pantry ended up being a weekend project because it was a mess. Every time I would go to the grocery store, I would just shove items in the pantry. I went thru every item in my pantry and sadly found several items that were expired and had to be thrown away.

I made each shelve have a theme such as baking, breakfast, snacks, etc. I also purchased some organization bins, and wire racks to keep items in place.

soup can organizer
I found this 12 soda organizer from that worked perfectly to store my soup, veggie, and other cans.

pantry storage bins

To store my teas, some small baking supplies, wax paper, etc. I bought these Sterilite Stacking Drawers that fit nicely in the bottom of my pantry. To store my Ziploc bags that I use often I got this Wire Rack that screwed into the wall. I was able to slide in the boxes and now they are easy to get to.

pantry storage bins
My family tends to eat many granola, snack, protein, and energy bars. Instead of having the boxes clutter up the shelves. I got these plastic storage bins at my local Dollar store and stored the bars in each one.

What storage items will you use to organize your pantry?

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