31 Days to Declutter

31 Days to Declutter Your Home & Live Life Simply: Magazines (Day 18)

Updated February 9, 2016


31 Days to Declutter Your Home & Live Life Simply: Magazines

Do you have a pile of magazines just lying around waiting for that one day to read them? Yes, that is me. From free to paid subscriptions, I have several piles. I try to read several week but with our busy lives that doesn’t always happen. This could be an easy task or a hard one depending on how many magazines you may have. With several piles this is causing clutter on my nightstand and a shelve in my bedroom.

Organizing your Magazines

  • Recycle magazines that you are not going to read.
  • If you have magazines that are older than 2 months, think about if you are really going to read them or not.
  • Try to read at least 2 magazines a week to keep up with the decluttering.
  • Unsubscribe if you feel you can’t keep up.
  • Donate or pass down newer magazines to friends, family, or other places.
  • Keep a magazine rack or tote close by your bed, couch, etc. so you are tempted to pick up and read when you sit or lie down.

How many unread magazines do you have right now?

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