31 Days to Declutter

31 Days to Declutter Your Home & Live Life Simply: Defining Clutter (Day 10)

Updated February 9, 2016


31 Days to Declutter Your Home & Live Life Simply: Defining Clutter

Let’s take a break from decluttering for a day and think about the definition of clutter. Each person might have a different definition. When I looked it up the definition of clutter, this is what I found.

Clutter – a collection of things lying about in an untidy mass.

Let’s identify the different types of clutter.

Sentimental Clutter – You may feel like you can never let go of the sentimental items. Go thru these items to see if there are things you can let go or if you can pass it down to another family member. You may find that you don’t have to keep everything.

Feelings Clutter – Saving unwanted items that was given to you and you don’t want to hurt their feelings by getting rid of it. If they ask you for it tell them the truth or that you no longer used it.

Might Use Again Clutter – Saving items just because you may use them again down the road. Ask yourself if you have used it within a year. If not, chances are that you will not use it in the future.

What If Clutter – You may say what if I lose my job, weight, or have no money and want to keep items for that reason. Try to be positive and maybe sell those items and save the money in case of that “What If” moment.

Too Expensive to Let Go Clutter– Saving items just because you paid too much money for them. Try selling the items to get some of your money back. You can also donate the items and write them off on your taxes at the end of the year.

Take the time to read thru each on of these types of clutter and re-think about each room you are working on. Let’s work together and make our lives simple.

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