Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Foodies

Updated December 7, 2019

If you’re looking for inexpensive gift ideas for foodies I have a list of items that make the perfect gift from small appliances to kitchen essentials. This will save you from going store to store and give you an idea of what to buy for them. As a foodie myself, here is a list of some must have and favorite items I think every foodie should have. Happy Shopping!

Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Foodies

Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Foodies

Cutting Board

When preparing your meals, a foodie needs a good cutting board. One of my favorite brands is Dexas. They offer a large variety of different size cutting boards that are sturdy and easy to clean. Plus, they think of everything as they have ones that scoop, strain and more. 

Sharp Knife

A good knife is important especially when cutting and prepping a meal. It must be sharp and be able to cut through just about anything. While there are some really expensive knives out there that you can choose if you want to or you can choose a good one that is still in your budget. One of my absolute favorite knife that is under $40 is the 8” Kuma Chef’s Knife. It is razor sharp and can cut through food like butter. It’s the best knife for your money and I use it every single day.

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Hot Sauce

When the foodie wants to kick it up a notch, hot sauce is the trick. Gindo’s Spice of Life uses farm fresh peppers to produce the world’s best small batch artisanal craft hot sauces! And they have a large variety to add flavor to any meal. You can find a limited variety, collections or even get a subscription box and have it come every month to the person you are gifting to. I personally like the year round sauces as I tend to use them more and they go nicely with the dishes I prepare. Feel free to check them out at

Food Subscription Box

Not every foodie wants to be in the kitchen all day, everyday. A food subscription box is the perfect solution to that and makes the most amazing gift ever. Especially when they don’t want to think about what to make for dinner or worry about going to the store to get the ingredients. Home Chef is a great subscription box with a variety of meals to choose from and you can choose how many servings you want. Right now they are offering a $40 credit to try it, which means you can get a shipment of 2 meals that serves 2 for around $10. Even if you don’t end up using the service you can’t beat that price of trying it one time.

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To order your Home Chef box:

Click this exclusive affiliate link to have the $40 discount added to your cart.
Specify any dietary needs.
Choose the plan for 2 Meals a week for 2 People.
You’ll be taken straight to checkout, where your $40 will be deducted and making a grand total of around $10 for 2 meals!

Ninja Foodi

This may be a little bit more expensive  but a great gift for more than one person to pitch in with because the Ninja Foodi is seriously the ultimate device for any foodie. It’s a pressure cooker, steamer and air fryer in one. And it fits on the counter under the cabinets. This is a device that I use every single day and highly recommend it. The food taste better, is healthier and cooks so much faster. There are different sizes to choose from but I like the 6.5 quart one because I can cook more for my large family. I cannot rave enough about this small appliance and promise that whoever you get it for will love you forever.

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