How to Be the Best Snack Mom Ever

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How to Be the Best Snack Mom Ever

“Snack Duty” is when you’re assigned to bring snacks to the kid’s classroom, sporting event or extracurricular activities and a word we as parents sometimes avoid. Being the “Snack Mom” can be hard trying to figure out what snacks to bring, allergies, etc. If you, like many moms, are faced with the occasion of having to bring snacks to these events, try these tips on how to be the best snack mom ever.

How to Be the Best Snack Mom Ever

Write inspirational messages
Whether it’s to leave a note inside the snack bag or on the snack itself this will give the kids a sense of encouragement. You can use sayings such as “You’re Awesome”, “Go Team”, “You’re #1”, etc.

Do Your Research
Find out ahead of time from the coach or parents if there are any kids on the team that have allergies and what the kids like to get a better understanding of what snack to bring.

Be prepared
Make a list of players to know how many snacks to bring. If the snack your bringing allows it, prepare it the night before so it’s ready to take for the game. If the snack needs to stay cold make sure to bring a cooler packed with ice. If it doesn’t require any temperature control, pack the snacks in a tote bag so it is easily accessible when time to deliver to each child.

Prepacked is the best
Prepacked is the best because it’s convenient to pass out and helps steer clear of allergies as the ingredients are listed rather than taking the risk of homemade items. One snack that I like to bring to my son’s sporting events is Wonderful Halos because each piece of fruit is already individually wrapped.

Bring Wonderful Halos
Wonderful Halos are California mandarins bursting with Pure Goodness.  They are sweet, with no added sugar, free of common allergens (e.g., gluten, peanuts, dyes), require no advance preparation, and a healthy snack. With about 28 Wonderful Halos in every 5lb. box, there are enough snacks for an entire sports team.

This is the time that Wonderful Halos are in season. You can find them at your local grocery and in select markets via Amazon Fresh. They are delicious and everyone will be raving about how you are the best “Snack Mom” ever!

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