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DIY Glowing Halloween Eyes

All eyes will be on these DIY Glowing Halloween Eyes as the trick or treaters stop by your house! They are simple and fun to make for a spooky glow on Halloween night!

DIY Glowing Halloween Eyes

Halloween is a fun time of year where we get to dress up and decorate with spooky Halloween decor. I love simple and easy Halloween decorations especially ones that you can make with items around your house.

how to make glowing eyes for halloween

This tutorial only requires a few supplies to make so start saving those paper towel rolls. And if you don’t have these items around your house you can find them at the dollar store to make these DIY Glowing Halloween Eyes on the cheap.

spooky glowing eyes

You can stick these spooky glowing eyes in the bushes, trees or shrub to get the effect that they are hiding and looking at you. A few more ideas to place the glowing eyes would be to stick them in between the screen and window or hang them from trees using clear fishing line. The kids will enjoy them however you place them! 

Tips for Bright Glowing Eyes

  • Paint them black or green so they blend in with the bushes.
  • Use toilet paper rolls if you don’t have paper towel rolls.
  • Insert waxed paper behind the eyes so you don’t see the actual glow stick inside.
  • If you seal the ends of the tubes with duck tape it traps the light!
  • Use thicker glow sticks for more light.

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Supplies Needed

How to Make Glowing Halloween Eyes

Using your marker, draw your desired eye shapes onto your paper rolls. (Be creative, they don’t all have to match). Carefully cut out the eyes using your utility knife and scissors.

Cut a piece of duct tape and seal one end of the paper roll. Place your paper rolls in bushes, trees, grass or shrubs around your home.

Light up the glow sticks by cracking them and insert them into the tubes. Watch the eyes glow around you at night.

how to make glowing eyes out of toilet paper rolls

Notes: If you’re planning to have these in your bushes or home for Halloween, simply prep the tubes in advance and activate the glow sticks just before the trick or treaters start passing. If you’re having trouble positioning the paper rolls, you may want to try a few strands of duct tape.

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