Disney World Vacation Planning: When Should You Go?

Disney World Vacation Planning: When Should You Go?

Planning a Walt Disney World vacation has less to do with when you plan to go, than when you
start to plan to go. There are some times during the year when crowds are minimal that may be
a great time to book your vacation; but make sure you give yourself plenty of time to plan
properly, as it can make a huge impact on your overall enjoyment. With that in mind, here are
some ideas about when is the best time to go to Walt Disney World.

Avoid Breaks
Spring Break, summer vacations and holidays are the most convenient times to go to Walt
Disney World, especially if you have kids that are in school. Unfortunately, that convenience
extends to virtually everybody else, and those are the times of year that are the most crowded
at Disney World. It may be worth it to try skirting around these dedicated holidays and pick a
less convenient time if you can September, October, January, and February are the best times
to go to avoid crowds.

Check Seasons
Another factor to bear in mind as you look toward planning your Walt Disney World vacation is
hurricane season, and the hot and humid summer weather. These are not reasons to not go to
Disney World, but they are important to be aware of, and you may reconsider, if you are
uncomfortable in high heat and you want to avoid getting wet as much as possible. The heat
picks up in May and the hurricane season lasts until November. Thunder showers are common,
but actual hurricanes rarely reach Walt Disney World. When they do, Walt Disney World is
actually one of the safest places you can be in a hurricane, so don’t worry about that.

Best Prices
You should give yourself 8-11 months to plan your Disney World vacation properly, starting with
the resort of your choice. While you are looking at options, make sure to check the dates far
enough out that you will be able to pick the restaurants you want to reserve and come up with a
good itinerary. When you are going over pricing, notice that the higher ticket prices are based
on higher projected attendance. Passholder blockout dates are also an indication of these, as
are special offers and promotions. This is one way your goals and Disney’s goals may fall into
alignment. The cheapest times to visit, tend to be the best times.

New Attractions
While going to see a new attraction is an excuse to visit Disney World, consider the large crowds that may occur. While you may want to be the first to check it out know that everyone else in the world is thinking the same thing so expect larger than normal crowds with longer wait times. If you don’t care about being the first to see the attraction, wait several months when the crowds die down and book your trip. And while new attractions may be going up, other attractions may be shut down for maintenance, inspection and refurbishment. Sometimes it can happen the day you arrive to the park so don’t be discouraged. You can always call the park ahead of time and check so you can plan accordingly. 

Event Dates
Disney World holds lots of events such as Dapper Day, cheer competitions, tour groups, etc. where more people tend to visit those days for the event. Not all events are like this but be sure to check the calendar on the Disney website to know what day these events happen so you can plan around them. Some of the bigger events that do gather a large crowd are Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, Very Merry Christmas and Food and Wine Festival. Use a crowd calendar to book a day that is not so busy and book early as these events sell out fast.

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