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Creepy Halloween Centerpiece

Halloween Centerpiece

Creepy Halloween Centerpiece

Need a creepy Halloween centerpiece for your party? You can make one for just a few dollars by using some twigs, cob webs, spray paint, and a few other accessories. I am all about decorating on the cheap and decided to make this Creepy Halloween Centerpiece for my dining room table.


Supplies Needed

Twigs from Outside
Black Spray Paint
Cobwebs from the Dollar Store
Floral Foam
Accessories such as bats or spiders
Black netting (optional)



  1. Make sure the twigs are dried out.
  2. Lay newspaper down and spray paint the twigs black and let dry.
  3. When the twigs are dry stick them into the Green Floral Foam and arrange them to your liking.
  4. Weave the cobwebs around the twigs to make it look creepy.
  5. Add accessories to the branches.

I added some black netting around the base to hide the green floral foam. You could spray paint the floral foam black so it blends in more.

Be sure to check out my Halloween Floral Centerpiece to make!

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