5 Creative Ways to Use Zip Ties During the Holiday Season

You may use zip ties when tackling home improvement and organizational projects, but did you know they can come in handy during the holiday season too? Zip ties can help you with your holiday décor and even when trimming your tree. They are cheap to buy, making them a budget friendly solution during the holidays as well. Take a look below at 5 creative ways to use zip ties during the holiday season so you can put these little ties to work for you!

creative ways to use zip ties

5 Creative Ways to Use Zip Ties During the Holiday Season

1. Make ornament hooks.
Zip ties make durable ornament hooks that will never break on you. Use zip ties in place of flimsy metal ornament hooks and see what a huge difference they make. They will keep your ornaments securely on your tree until you are ready to store them away again. Try them as ornament hooks and see. You will find that they last well from year to year and will last for holiday seasons to come.

2. Keep your Christmas lights in place.
Are you tired of your Christmas lights slipping and sliding out of place? Zip ties are great for keeping cords attached to banisters, front porch posts, light posts, or anywhere else you want them. Consider using zip ties to hold your Christmas lights in place when displaying and you are sure to a slip free holiday season.

3. Enjoy no more wrestling with tangled lights.
When you are ready to store your Christmas lights for the season, wrap them around a cardboard tube and then use zip ties to hold them in place. You can use one large zip tie in the center of the strands, just bunch the strands together and secure. This will prevent cord tangling in storage. Experiment with using zip ties to gather and secure your Christmas lights when you are ready to store them and see how well they work.

4. Fill in bare spots on the tree.
Apply a quick coat of green paint to zip ties and use them to pull Christmas tree branches together to fill in any bare spots. You won’t even notice them, but they will do a fantastic job at filling the bare spots in. You can also take extra pine branches you have and tie them into place to cover bare spots.

5. Hang those stockings.
Run a zip tie through the flimsy fabric loop at the top of stockings. When you are ready to hang those stockings, the zip ties will keep them in place securely. In fact, zip ties can be used to hang all sorts of holiday décor. Find a spot to attach them and create the loop for easy hanging.

Head to your local hardware store or home improvement store where a huge selection of zip ties is waiting for you. You will find that they are cheap to buy, easy to use, and can really give you a hand during the holiday season. Try out these 5 ways to use zip ties during the holiday season and see if you aren’t sold on the idea of them!

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