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52 Week Money Challenge – Save over $1300 this Year

52 week money challengeDownload the FREE 52 Week Money Challenge Here.

Could you use an extra $1,378 for the year? I know I could! I challenge you to take the 52 Week Money Challenge this year to see if you can save up $1,378. It’s so easy to do and takes no time at all.

Here’s how it works:

For the first week, you tuck away $1, the second week $2, and so on and so on. You could either open a free savings account where it doesn’t require a certain amount of money in it or tuck it away to where you won’t touch it.

You can also do it in reverse order where you start with $52 the first week, then $51 the next week and so on and so on.

Then at the end of the 52 weeks, you will have saved $1.378 that you can use on Christmas Gifts, Vacation, Emergency Fund, and more.

I do something similar to this. What I do is have my bank automatically take $25 , $6, & $30  out of my check every other week. The $25 goes into a fund that I use for Christmas, the $6 goes into my emergency fund, and the $30 is divided into my 3 kids bank accounts giving them $10 each towards their college funds.  Since it is automatically taken out, I never miss it and it is not a huge amount.

I really like the 52 week challenge and I am going to try it to save for Vacation. Let me know your thoughts on this challenge and what you will use the money for.


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