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5 Reasons Why Re-gifting Rocks


Do you have a pile of gifts piling up with no-where to put them? This holiday season, in honor of saving money and decluttering, consider re-gifting. Re-gifting rocks in so many ways! Some of the best gifts that have been given to me were products of re-gifting.

5 Reasons Why Re-gifting Rocks

#1. Get rid of the clutter

I cannot stand clutter and I am guessing a lot of you cannot either. If you get a gift that you won’t be using, maybe it’s time to hand it over Instead of filling up your countertops with stuff you won’t use, gift it to someone who may need it.

#2. Helps you have a generous heart

The holidays suck everyone dry financially. It’s nice to be able to give something, without spending money. Those gifts that you won’t use are perfectly okay to give to someone else. This works out for the person who has a generous heart, but not a lot of money to spend.

#3. Re-gifting can be meaningful

Not everyone who re-gifts something is just trying to get rid of it. I have seen people who very well want the gift that they received. However, they want to give it to someone else even more. Re-gifting rocks because it is a meaningful way to show someone you care.

#4. Re-gifting allows you to be creative

When you are re-gifting something, you have a lot more room to be creative. You don’t have all this pressure to spend a certain amount of money on your head. Lots of things can be re-gifted! For example, candles, wine, gift cards, toys, and so much more. Get creative with the re-gifting that’s about to go down!

#5. Re-gifting allows you to gift in a pinch.

I cannot tell you how many times I needed to purchase a gift, but did not have the time to do so. There is a bin full of “gifts” that can be re-gifted in my house, if needed. Need a gift? No problem, just run to the bin and pick something out. Re-gifting has saved my sanity many times.

Re-gifting can often get a bad rap, but it doesn’t need to. You can be a generous and caring person and want to re-gift. You can be out of time and money and want to re-gift. Re-gifting rocks because it is a way to be generous, thoughtful, caring, and a way to declutter.

What is the best gift you have ever re-gifted?

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