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50 Ways to Cut Costs on Your Family Vacation

Updated June 15, 2016

Ways to Cut Costs on Family Vacation

You might think that planning a family vacation needs to be expensive, but that simply isn’t the case anymore. With so many vacation options out there, brands are becoming more competitive and finding ways to offer better deals and steals. Cutting costs on your next family vacation is not only possible, but can actually be easy. Take a look below at 50 ways to cut costs on your family vacation so you can enjoy all of the site seeing you wish for less.

50 Ways to Cut Costs on Your Family Vacation

1. Use apps like GasBuddy to help you find the best cost of gas in your area. This way you can fill up for road trips for less.

2. Sign up for SwagBucks where you can take surveys and earn points which you can redeem for restaurants, gas cards, hotels, and even Pay Pal cash for your travel needs.

3. Weigh the cost of driving versus flying. With gas prices dropping and money-saving gas apps, it may make more financial sense to drive to your location.

4. Consider renting a fuel-efficient vehicle for your road trips. For about $25 a day you can rent a car that gets as much as 60 miles per the gallon.

5. Enroll in a fuel savings club with your local grocery store so you can earn points to use on your road trip fill ups.

6. Travel during the week if possible since it will always cost less than traveling on the weekends.

7. Enroll in loyalty clubs with your favorite hotels so you can earn free nights with each stay you take.

8. Get on the email lists of your favorite hotels and airlines so you can get deals sent to you via email.

9. Compare prices on travel websites such as Kayak and Travelocity.

10. Book trips through travel websites that offer a lowest price promise.

11. Consult a travel agent prior to booking your trip. They don’t charge additional fees and may be able to find deals you are unaware of.

12. Check out Living Social for travel deals and steals, hotels, and even restaurant vouchers.

13. Groupon also offers travel deals, hotel deals, and dining vouchers perfect for your next trip.

14. Call the hotel directly and ask for their best price.

15. See if the hotel offers any discounts for being a student, a senior, an active military member, etc.

16. Eat out before the dinner hour, so you can still enjoy the full menu at lower, lunchtime prices.

17. Keep a well stocked cooler when on road travels so you don’t have to stop for pricey gas station snacks.

18. Bring powdered drink mix packets with you when you travel, so you can easily mix your own drinks and don’t have to buy pricey bottled beverages.

19. Avoid paying for a carry on by utilizing as much of your purse space as possible. Make sure each family member takes advantage of the one free item (purse, briefcase, computer bag) per person even if they are a child. This is a great way to carry on more for free.

20. Don’t pay for pricey travel insurance. It usually isn’t worth the headache of trying to redeem it and the chances of needing it are rare.

21. Use Uber instead of traditional cabs. They cost less and the Uber app is so easy to use.

22. Look on Groupon and other deal sites for deals on Uber packages. If you know you will be using a cab a lot during your trip, a package deal might be worth it.

23. Don’t pay for fancy flight extras such as early boarding or the picking of seats.

24. Carry your own snacks on the plane to avoid having to pay for their pricey ones.

25. Bring your own reading material to the airport so you don’t have to buy expensive books and magazines from their gift shops.

26. Don’t buy pricey, kitschy souvenirs. Instead take pictures to share with friends and family.

27. Make sure you pack toiletries you will need as buying these items from the hotel or gas stations can be costly.

28. Ask hotels if you can get a better rate if you book multiple nights.

29. Cut back on the soda and opt for water with lemon when dining out. After all, it is important to stay hydrated when on vacation.

30. Give your car an oil change and tune up prior to your road trip so it runs more efficiently.

31. Download free game apps on your devices to keep kids entertained.

32. Hit up the dollar store for cheap snacks, games, books, and toiletries perfect for travel.

33. Cut out coupons for restaurants and drive thrus prior to your trip.

34. Search eBay for discount coupons and gift cards you can use on your trip.

35. Opt to eat at restaurants the locals love and avoid the pricier chains when traveling.

36. Make sure your tires are properly inflated prior to your road trip for better gas mileage.

37. Roll clothing instead of folding it so you can fit more pieces per suitcase.

38. Ask friends who have traveled to the area for their advice. They can make recommendations on hotels, eateries, and more.

39. Buy flights early and avoid the last-minute price hike that many airlines are famous for.

40. Try booking your hotel and flight together on a deal site for a better deal.

41. Join the mailing lists of local travel sites so you can get emails about the latest deals.

42. Book vacations during the off-season when there are lower prices and better deals.

43. Take advantage of eateries that let kids eat for free. Many will give you free meals with the purchase of two adult meals.

44. Book resorts that allow kids to stay for free.

45. Research cheap and free activities in the city you are visiting.

46. Visit the local visitor’s center at the city you are visiting for free information and advice.

47. Search online for coupon codes good on hotels, travel gear, and more.

48. See if you can get discounts for being AARP. You will find that many companies offer AARP discounts when it comes to travel and lodging.

49. Visit the library for free information on your travel destination.

50. Consider staying at camp sites for inexpensive lodging.

Are you ready to travel with your family for less? Then give these 50 ways to vacation for less and try to see what a difference they can make!

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