10 Clever Soda Hacks You Need to Try

10 Clever Soda Hacks You Need to TryYou might love sipping on soda with lunch or dinner, but did you know that soda can do so much more
than just quench your thirst? There are all sorts of creative ways to use soda around the house, and we
are sharing those ideas with you below! Look at these 10 soda hacks you must try now, and see how
practical keeping a can of soda around can be.

Just a note: For these suggestions, you want to use dark soda. Clear sodas don’t have the same effect as
the dark.

10 Clever Soda Hacks You Need to Try

1. Get a sparkling toilet.
Do you want to clean your toilet bowl quickly? Just pour a can of soda into the bowl and swish it around
with the toilet brush. The soda will break down the build up and stains, helping you scrub them away

2.Give pieces of hardware an antique look.
Do you love the distressed look? Then use a can of soda. Soak your hardware pieces (drawer pulls,
screws, etc.) in the soda for a few days. The soda will wear down and rust the hardware giving it an
antique look.

3. Give fabric a tea stained look.
If you love the look for naturally stained linens, use a can of soda! Soaking white fabric in soda can give it
an aged and tea stained look.

4. Tenderize meat.
To tenderize your meat quickly and easily, place it in a dish with some soda. Allow it to marinate for a
few hours and the meat will be tender and flavorful. Just season and cook as usual!

5. Add some flavor to your sauces.
Soda can be added to all sorts of sauces. Add some dark soda to your BBQ sauces and marinades. It adds
a unique, sweet flavor that can’t be beat.

6. Dissolve blood stains.
Soda can break down blood quickly. If you have blood stains on hard surfaces, a little soda will help. Just
pour, allow to sit, and scrub away.

7. Loosen rusty hardware.
Nothing is more frustrating than a rusted and stick nut and bolt. To loosen rusted hardware, pour a little
soda over it. It will help dissolve the rust and loosen up the hardware.

8. Clean dirty pots and pans.
Clean away stubborn grime on pots and pans with a little soda. Just pour the soda on, allow it to sit, and
start scrubbing away. The soda helps break it down making your job much easier.

9. Feed your flowers.
Plants love sugar. To make your cut flowers last longer, add a few teaspoons of soda to the vase water.
It will help keep your flowers fed and blooming longer.

10. Have some science fun!
Kids love science experiments! Drop a Mentos into a two liter of soda and watch the volcano effect
happen! Kids will love this science experiment and seeing the chemical reaction take place.

So crack open a soda and consider these 10 soda hacks you must try now. You will find they are a great
way to get more soda bang for your buck.

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