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DIY Three-Tiered Outdoor Water Fountain

DIY Three-Tiered Outdoor Water FountainI love the sound of water and could totally live by the lake but in real life that is not a possibility so I needed to improvise. Sure I could get a sound machine that plays the sounds of waves but that is not what I was looking for. Instead, I wanted an outdoor water fountain to give me that calming water effect, but have you seen the prices of outdoor water fountains? YIKES!

My husband came up with a genius idea of tiering flower pots using a pond pump, rocks, and other supplies. His idea worked and it didn’t cost a fortune. Find out how to make your own Three-Tiered Outdoor Water Fountain.

DIY Three-Tiered Outdoor Water Fountain

Supplies Needed

  • 3 decorative different size pots that will fit inside each other
  • decorative river rock
  • small pond pump
  • pond tube (size depends on your pump)
  • plastic saucer or serving tray to fit inside the bottom pot
  • plastic planter to fit inside the bottom pot
  • screen material
  • one small tile
  • sealant


Place a small tile around a drain hole in the bottom of the large ceramic pot and seal around it to prevent any water from getting out it and let dry.

Place the pond pump in the bottom of a plastic planter and set in the bottom of the large ceramic pot.

Drill a hole in the plastic sauce by placing a piece of scrap wood under the saucer and drilling a 1-1/8-inch hole in the center of the saucer. Make sure to drill slowly to prevent the plastic saucer from cracking. Place plastic saucer inside of bottom ceramic pot covering the pond pump but leave the pond pump cord out.

Attach the pond pump tube to the pump and feed it through the saucer. Put the next size smaller pot on top the saucer and bottom pot and feed the tube through the hole.

Add a smaller plastic planter turned over inside of the second ceramic pot and pull the pond pump tube through it. Roll up some screen material and place around and inside the second pot to take up some space.

Next, add the smallest pot onto the plastic planter you put inside the second pot and fee the pond pump tube through it making sure it is sticking out. Don’t worry about how long it is as you can cut it down later after you get it situated. Before adding the rocks, place the outdoor fountain where you want it.

Place a layer of screen material on the ground and lay out river rocks to spray the dirt off of them.

Fill the bottom pot with water and spread the river rocks inside each pot until pots are covered. Adjust the tube in the top pot to how you want the water to flow. You may have to adjust the rocks around it or cut the hose shorter.

Now plug in your 3 tiered outdoor water fountain and enjoy the soothing sounds!

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