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DIY Mickey Satin Ribbon Christmas Wreath

Bring a little Disney magic to your home this holiday with this easy tutorial for DIY Mickey Satin Ribbon Christmas Wreath complete with a Santa hat!

DIY Mickey Satin Ribbon Christmas Wreath

My love for Disney will never go away and being that we can’t get to the parks during this time, I had to bring Disney to us. I started making Mickey wreaths back in the fall with my DIY Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Wreath and everyone loved it. This Mickey Ears wreath is much easier to make with just a few supplies and satin ribbon.

how to make Mickey Christmas wreath

Even though this is a Christmas wreath tutorial you could actually use it all year by removing the Santa hat after Christmas and just have it as a Mickey Mouse wreath. Hang it on your door, over the fireplace or wherever you want some pixie dust.

DIY Mickey Ears Wreath

Can you Make a Minnie Mouse Wreath?

Yes, I think you can use the same pattern as the Mickey wreath and make a matching Minnie Mouse wreath to go with it. To do so, you could use the red and black ribbon and add some white polka dots and add polka dot bow on top. If you want to make it Christmas theme you can add a Santa hat on top of the bow.

Happy Crafting!

Supplies Needed

1 – 12-inch Foam Wreath Form
2 – 6-inch Foam Wreath Forms
1 Roll Black 3-inch Satin Ribbon
1 Roll Red 3-inch Satin Ribbon
2 – 2-inch Yellow Buttons
1 Santa Hat
Floral Pins (I used these pins)

Tools Needed

Painter’s Tape
Hot Glue Gun & Glue

How to Make a Mickey Christmas Wreath with Satin Ribbon

How to Make a Mickey Satin Ribbon Wreath

Using a ruler and the painter’s tape mark off the midpoint of the large wreath form.

Hot glue one end of the red ribbon to one side of the halfway point marked by the painter’s tape, then begin wrapping the red ribbon around the wreath form snugly, periodically hot gluing it in place.

Once you reach the other halfway point, hot glue the red ribbon in place and cut it off.

Repeat on the other half of the wreath form with the black ribbon.

Wrap the entirety of the two smaller wreath forms with the black ribbon, taking care to make sure it is snug around each form.

Lay the large wreath in the center of your table and position the two small ears on either side of the black portion of the larger wreath, about 6-8 inches from each other. Using floral pins, affix the smaller wreaths in place.

Mickey Ears for Wreath

With a 8-10-inch section of black ribbon, wrap the spot where the small wreath and large wreath come together, then tie the ribbon in the back to further strengthen that joint.

Santa Mickey Christmas Wreath

With the floral pins, affix the hat between the two ears.

Hot glue the buttons on the bottom of the red portion of the larger wreath. There you have it! You just made a DIY Mickey Satin Ribbon Christmas Wreath! Hang and enjoy!

Mickey Christmas Wreath

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