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Best Backyard Fire Pit Ideas

Do you love a good fire? Do you have a backyard that is just begging to be used more often? If so, check out these ideas for creating your own fire pit in your backyard. From beautiful stone creations to simple metal barrels, we have it all covered. So grab some marshmallows and get ready to light up some fireside memories!

Best Backyard Fire Pit Ideas

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Sunndaze Decor.

There is no better way to enjoy the cool weather than by sitting around a cozy fire pit on your back deck or patio. The best part about backyard fire pits is that they come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit right in your backyard space. Plus, they are portable so if you need to move it from place to place just take off the grate and put it back on when you’re done using the fireplace.

Backyard Fire Pits

Photo Credit: Sunnydaze Decor

From to wood burning, in-ground, rings, gas and more, Sunnydaze Decor offers everything you’ll need to use your fire pit safely and often! Save 10% on Sunnydaze decor fire pits, log racks, and accessories with code FIRE10!

Photo Credit: Sunnydaze Decor

Top Backyard Fire Pit Ideas:

  • Sand and water table with a metal bowl such as the Sunnydaze 30″ Royal Outdoor Fire Pit with Handles for the fire pit.
  • Build your fire pit directly into the backyard decking.
  • A simple metal barrel with a grill grate and removable lid for easy access to stoke your flames. The Sunnydaze 36″ Black Crossweave Wood-Burning Fire Pit is a great one to use and comes with Spark Screen, Grate, Cover, & Poker Tool.
  • Fire pits connected by stone walkways across an entire yard!
  • A backyard fire pit that is completely contained within the seating area of your backyard, with a wood storage space below for logs! Check out this Sunnydaze Firewood Log Hoop Rack that also has size & cover options available.
  • An outdoor fireplace built into an existing stone wall in your backyard.
  • Build your own using wall block stones and place on a paver stone patio.

Photo Credit: Sunnydaze Decor

Once you have your backyard fire pit in place, add some seating, lighting such as solar lights,  wall-mounted torches, fire pit torches, fire glass lights, or even candlelight. Get cozy way and snuggle up next to the fire on those cool nights! With these fantastic ideas for a backyard fire pit you are sure to love your outdoor space this year at home.

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