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Simple Science Experiments Kids Can Do at Home

These simple science experiments are a fun way to observe science at home from watching crystals grow, making a bouncy ball and more! 

Simple Science Experiments

When you’re looking for something to do with the kids, these cool science experiments are great for kids all ages and a fun way to learn. Most of the supplies you may already have around your house. Track the experiments by keeping a journal of the results and observations.

Before you begin any experiment make sure you ask permission from an adult.

Simple Science Experiments Kids Can Do at Home

Bouncy Ball Reaction

Supplies Needed

2 paper towels
1 tsp epsom salts
2 tsp water
Paper cup
1 tbsp white glue


Stack paper towels, fold them in half twice and place in bowl. 

Mix epsom salts and water together in cup and stir until salt dissolves. Add glue to the cup and stir thoroughly. Pour contents of the cup into the center of the folded towels to soak up excess water.

Peel the clump and roll into a ball. Now throw the ball down and watch it bounce.

Observe Crystals

Supplies Needed

Sheet of Black construction paper
3 oz paper cup
Tap water
2 tbsp table salt
Magnifying lens


Cut a circle from the construction paper to fill the plate. 

Fill the cup 3/4 full. Add salt to the cup and stir. Pour the mixture onto the paper and plate. Allow the paper to dry. After the paper dries, use the magnifying lens to observe the crystals on the paper.

science experiments for kids


Supplies Needed

1 tsp soil
Clear cup or glass
1 tbsp hydrogen peroxide


Place the soil in the glass. Pour hydrogen peroxide over the soil. Observe the reaction and periodically for 1 or more hours. 


Supplies Needed

1 glass jar
Blue food coloring
Ice cube tray
Clear plastic cup
Cooking oil


Fill the jar with water and add 20 drops of food coloring and stir. Pour the colored water into the ice cube tray and place tray in freezer until the water turns to ice.

Fill the cup 3/4 full with oil.

Remove one ice cube from tray and place it in the cup of oil. Observe the position of the ice in the oil. Continue to observe what happens as the ice melts.

Want a printable version? Print the FREE Science Experiments HERE!!

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