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Easy Diy: Witches Legs

witches legs

Are you in need of an idea for a Halloween decoration? Here is a cute, easy, and inexpensive decoration you can make with some items from your home. Here is how I made Witches Legs for my front porch.

What you will need:

Flower Pot
Black Spray Paint
Pool Noodle
Halloween Stockings
Foam Ring
2 Doll Rods
Witches Broom
Black Shoes


  1. Cut pool noodle in half.
  2. Stick a doll rod in each pool noodle.
  3. Stick a pool noodle in each leg of Halloween Stockings.
  4. Spray paint flower pot black.
  5. When flower pot is dry add foam ring at the bottom of the pot.
  6. Stick each leg in the foam ring.
  7. Add fake moss to the top of the pot.
  8. Adjust the feet as how you would like it and add the shoes on the feet.
  9. Add a witches broom for the full effect.


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