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DIY Zombie Costume

Updated August 28, 2015

zombie costume
DIY Zombie Costume

Making a DIY Zombie Costume is simple and can be done with items from home. If you don’t already have Halloween makeup, you can purchase a cheap kit at Walmart or another local store. This costume can be completed in under 10 minutes and is inexpensive.




Old Clothes
Halloween Makeup
Hat (optional)



  1. Using an old t-shirt cut up the sleeves so they look like they are shredded. You can also cut around the bottom of the shirt as well.
  2. With an old pair of jeans add some red Halloween makeup to look like blood stains.
  3. Draw black circles around the eyes with the makeup to make it look like Zombie is dead. You can use the sponge provided in the kit to smear or blend it.
  4. Add some green color to the face, neck, and arms so it looks like the Zombie is sick.
  5. Add some fake blood or red makeup around the mouth area to the neck to make it look like blood is dripping.

There are several variations you can do with the costume by playing around with the makeup and clothes. You can add a hat if you want or make the hair look messy by teasing it a bit and spraying it with hair spray. This will give it a bed head look. My son walked with a limp to get the full effect of the Zombie Costume.


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