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DIY Spooky Light-Up Trick or Treat Bag

Updated April 19, 2018

Spooky Light-Up Trick or Treat bag
DIY Spooky Light-Up Trick or Treat Bag

It’s getting closer to Halloween and by now the kids are starting to get excited by picking out their costumes and trick or treat bags.  My son wanted a Spooky Light-Up Trick or Treat bag for Halloween but I didn’t want to spend a bunch of money on one. Instead I search my local Dollar Tree store in the Halloween section and found a Skull bag and some battery operated tealights. The total cost for this DIY Spooky Light-Up Trick or Treat Bag was $3.




spooky light-up bag


  • Reusable Bag (preferably one that has a Spooky Halloween Print on the front) $1
  • 2 Battery Operated Tealights $1
  • Duct Tape $1


spooky light-up bag process - Copy


1. Using a Black marker make a dot where you want the tealights to go.
2. Using scissors or a meat thermometer carefully and slowly poke a hole thru the dot.


spooky light-up bag steps - Copy

3. Turn the bag inside out and stick each tealight thru the hole with the light-up side sticking out of the front.
4. While the bag is still inside out, use the duct tape and tape the tealights to the inside of the bag leaving the on/off switch un-taped.
5. Turn on the tealights and turn the bag the right way.

Now you have a $3 or less trick or treat bag for the kids. Some items you may already have on hand so it could be lesser out-of-pocket.

At my local Dollar Tree store they had different Halloween reusable bag designs and colors to choose from. There are many different varieties bags you can do so each kid can have their own unique trick or treat bag.

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