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DIY Spooky Bats Night Light

Updated November 2, 2017

spooky bats night light
Spooky Bats Night Light

If you are looking for some spooky inexpensive Halloween decorations, try making this Spooky Bats Night Light. It will light up an area in your house and will look great on the mantel, centerpiece, or in a window. It only requires a few supplies to make and some supplies you may already have on hand or find at the Dollar Store. You could even do several of them and light up the pathway to your house for the trick or treaters.


spooky bats night light supplies

Supplies needed:

Large canning jar
Colored mini lights (purple)
Small piece of scrap fabric for lid
Coordinating ribbon
Cotton balls or cotton batting
Assorted plastic bat rings

spooky bats night light process


1. Begin snipping the ring shape from the bat ring. You only want to use the bat portion itself. Set the bat aside.
2. Begin winding the cotton balls or cotton batting around the purple mini lights. You want the cotton to gently cover the lights but not be so thick over them that t he color won’t shine through.
3. Tuck the cotton wrapped lights into the jar. Be sure the cord is loose and comes out of the top of the jar so you can easily plug it in.
4. Start inserting your bats. Tuck them into the sides of the jar, between the glass and the cotton. The fit will be tight, which is why you want the ring portioned removed as mentioned above.

spooky bats night light end project

5. Place the fabric scrap over the top of the jar, allowing the cord to run out under it. Place the ring on the jar, securing the top into place.
6. Finish the Spooky Bats Night Light by tying a piece of coordinating ribbon around the lid.

To display your Spooky Bats Night Light, all you need to do is plug it in. The light will shine through the cotton “clouds” and cast a spooky glow on the room.

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