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DIY Hello Doormat

Updated August 14, 2016

diy outdoor hello doormatA great way to greet your guests is with a welcoming doormat. I mean it is the first thing they see when they walk up to your door anyways so why not make it cute and inviting. I love seeing those “Hello” doormats in stores but did not want to pay a hefty price and could not find one to match the decor on my front porch. So instead I decided to make my own and it was so easy to do.

DIY “Hello” Doormat

First off you only need a few supplies to get started such as acrylic outdoor paint, paintbrush, and a blank natural fiber doormat. I found the acrylic outdoor paint at Walmart for under $1 and I already had the paintbrush on hand. The size of the paintbrush will depend on how big or small you want your design or letters to be.  I purchased the natural fiber doormat at Bed, Bath, & Beyond for around $16 after coupon, but if you have an IKEA close to you they sell the same natural fiber doormat for $4.99. Or there is a variety to choose from on Amazon.

diy doormat supplies

I didn’t create a stencil and decided to just free hand it. I figured if I messed up I could just turn the mat over. If you don’t feel comfortable free handing you could create a stencil on a Cricut or Silhouette machine first.

At first I lightly painted “hello” in cursive onto the mat to make sure I liked it. Thankfully it turned out the way I wanted the first time around so I then painted back over it again so it was darker and able to see. I then let it sit out in the sun to dry for several hours and placed it at my front door. I just loved the way it turned out!

There is so much variation to create your own customized doormat. You can change-up the colors, saying, and more. Get creative!

diy hello saying doormat


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