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Apple Cars

Updated January 21, 2019

Apple Cars

Making Apple Cars is the perfect snack for kids. Not only is it nutritious but it is fun to eat and tastes good. With just some peanut butter, apples, and grapes you will have a fun snack. You can even use M&M’s, raisins, and more for the wheels depending on what your kids like.

Apple Cars process

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Apple Cars

Apple Cars


  • Apples
  • Grapes
  • Peanut Butter


  • Wash all fruit.
  • Cut up apples using an apple slicer.
  • Cut grapes in half.
  • Apply a dab of peanut butter in all 4 corners of the apple.
  • Stick on each grape half to the dabs of peanut butter to create wheels.
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