I love everything in the West Elm store from their sleek modern style but the price tag – Ouch! What if I told you that you could make some of the items yourself at home for way less? It’s true. You really can and save tons of money. Some of the items you may already have in your home and just need some paint. Whatever it may be these projects are fun, saves you money and can be done in a day or weekend.

I’ve gathered 20 West Elm knock offs you can do yourself to get you started from various bloggers listed below. You will find an array of projects from tables to planters, art and more. Feel free to share your finished product in the comments or on social media and tell your friends how you did it. I can’t wait to see all of your beautiful projects complete.

20 West Elm Knock Offs You Can Do Yourself

  1. West Elm Inspired Graphic Basket from heytherehome.com
  2. DIY Striped Bookends from lilluna.com
  3. West Elm Acrylic Shelf Knock Off from homemadebycarmona.com
  4. Industrial Rail System For Organization from mountainmodernlife.com
  5. DIY Plant Stand from 100things2do.ca
  6. West Elm Inspired DIY Marble Table from kristimurphy.com
  7. DIY Metal Air Plant Stand from happinessiscreating.com
  8. DIY Terrarium From A Thrift Store Chandelier And Foil Tape from thekimsixfix.com
  9. How To Make Knock-Off Table Top Planters from pneumaticaddict.com
  10. West Elm Inspired Homegoods Table Makeover from littlehouseoffour.com
  11. DIY Metallic Print Glassware from sarahhearts.com
  12. Circles Wall Art from burlapandblue.com
  13. West Elm Knock Off Wall Art from makinghomebase.com
  14. West Elm Inspired Dining Table from mountainmodernlife.com
  15. DIY West Elm Initial Tote Bags from helloglow.co
  16. DIY Mid Century Inspired Entry Bench from farmfreshtherapy.com
  17. DIY West Elm Monogram Towels from oleanderandpalm.com
  18. DIY Paper Mache Animal Heads from sugarandcloth.com
  19. Ceramic-Look Vases from itallstartedwithpaint.com
  20. Inspired By West Elm Metal Flower Arrangers from hellolidy.com

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