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Year in Review: Highs and Lows in 2014

Updated September 4, 2015



It’s hard to believe that 2014 is already over. It feels that it just got here, doesn’t it? The year 2014 is so hard to say good-bye to because it was more of an adventure for me and my family. We tried different things, ran into challenges, and found some great opportunities.


It started in February when I was invited to Castaway Bay (an indoor water park) in Sandusky, OH to meet other Ohio Mom Bloggers and their families. I was super stoked to take my entire family to spend time with them and meet other bloggers.

castaway food

We were able to swim, do family activities, and the mom bloggers got to meet up at night for food and wine tasting. I was able to talk with other mom bloggers that live close to me about life, our families, etc. It was nice to get out and have some adult conversation which doesn’t happen too often with me.

color run

I have always wanted to do a Color Run and was super excited that my 8-year-old son wanted to run it with me. We signed up at a location near us and ran it in April. He complained some of the time since it was a 5K that he couldn’t run but surprised me in the end when he ran faster than me to the finish line.

color run2

We were a little bit disappointed that we did not get dosed with color bombs like they advertised but still had a lot of fun bonding with each other.



At the end of April, we decided to take a Spring Break trip to Gatlinburg, TN. This was something new for us since we have never vacationed anywhere during the time off for Spring Break. We decided on Tennessee because it was only a 7 hour drive and we have never been there. Tennessee was gorgeous with the scenery that I have hundreds of photos of the mountains. The picture above is my favorite one.

mirror maze

I am a hotel snob and I blame my mother for that because she was a travel agent and always had to find the best hotels to stay in. When we arrived in Tennessee at the hotel, I cringed a little bit. My husband could tell and looked at me and said, “You don’t like it”. I knew at this point that I needed to suck it up and just enjoy the week with my family and not look at the room. There was nothing wrong with the room except that it was older and not updated. After awhile I forgot about the room and enjoyed the time with my family (I am so proud of myself). 🙂

flyaway indoor skydiving

While we were there we visited many attractions and had the best time as a family. The one thing we all did together that was an adventure was Indoor Skydiving. I am too chicken to jump out of a plane but when I saw that you can do it indoors I signed my family up. That was awesome! You can watch the video here.

hard rock cafe

June/July is the month I love the most because that is the time we take our family vacation. We went to Orlando, FL for the 4th time in a row for the summer. This is something I save up all year-long so we are able to take this trip. We drive straight thru for 16 hours to get there and back.

We stay at the same hotel every time and do our usual stops at Disney World, LegoLand, and Busch Gardens. This year we decided to try something new and stayed at the Nickelodeon Hotel for a few days.

Nickelodeon Hotel Slime Show

We got a chance to be on the show Double Dare and ended up losing the game in the end. That meant we had to get pies in the face which was a plate full of whipped cream.

My 8-year-old was so disappointed that we did not win the challenge and cried because he wanted to get slimed. I felt so heart-broken and knew it was my fault for not breaking all of the balloons in time. The host was so kind that after the show he got some slime from the back and put it all over my son’s head. His frown turned into a smile and made me feel so much better.

george is 40

My husband turned 40 in July and got a promotion at work shortly after his birthday to become a supervisor. Between the 40th birthday and learning his new position he was going thru what I called a mid-life crisis. Things were not going so great for him, our family, or our relationship and portrayed for several months. I was having some issues with my full-time office job as well and it put a damper on both of us.

We had many talks, cries, and several visits to see a counselor to help us get out of this mess. I never thought I would be in a situation like this, ever. After 4 or 5 months we worked it out and things got a lot better. Actually they were back to normal which made us both so happy. Work is now good for both of us, the mid-life crisis and stress is gone.

Sunseeker RV

During our hard times, I decided that maybe we needed a long weekend together as a family in an RV. Over Labor Day we got an RV from Neff Brothers and took a trip to Mason, OH. My husband drove the RV and we stayed at the campground for 3 days.


While we were there we went fishing, hiking, swimming, and Kings Island. At night my husband and I sat around the fire and talked like couples do except it felt different. Since we were going thru a struggle at the time I felt everyone was trying way too hard to get along. We did have some moments where we laughed and had a good time and other moments that were not so good. Cramming 5 people in an RV hoping that everyone gets along was probably not one of my best ideas yet.

little brown jug

In September, I won a ticket to our local Brown Jug Horse Race that fell on my birthday. Not only did I get to go to the horse race but I only won a ticket to ride in the starting car. This may not seem like a big deal to most but it meant a lot to me.

starting car

Growing up my grandfather took us to the horse races as a kid as he loved them. I remember keeping his losing tickets as a kid and my brother and I used to pretend it was play money. I know my grandfather (up in heaven) was riding with me in that starting car that day and I could see a smile on his face. It made me and my son’s day for sure.


Starting in October, I started to invest more time and money into my blog to help improve it for all of my readers. I started taking some classes thru online webinars, doing research, and even attended a weekend conference. I am learning so much and have been applying it to my website for all of you. I plan on writing more and better content, and just recently bought a photography studio set so I can take better pictures. This is my goal for the new 2015.


And to top off my 2014 year, I flew for the first time ever to LA for a Disney Press trip that I was invited to. Talk about an adventure! You will hear more about my first time flying soon.

la trip

I did so many things in 2 days while I was in LA. I was on the set of Melissa and Joey and Baby Daddy where I got to meet the cast of each show. I talked with the original animator, Floyd Norman of 101 Dalmatians.  I also got to see the screening of Into the Woods (which is an amazing film). And to top it off, I got to interview Meryl Streep, Christine Baranski, Tracey Ullman, Emily Blunt, James Corden, Anna Kendrick, Director Rob Marshall, and costume designer Colleen Atwood. I am still shocked about this whole trip and cannot wait to go back to LA for another adventure.

Well, that was the Highs and Lows of my 2014 Year. Hoping for a year of fun, adventure, health, and more time with my family for the year 2015.

What are your goals for 2015?


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