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Ways to Reduce Holiday Stress

Updated November 24, 2020

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Ways to Reduce Holiday Stress

Oh, the joys of the holidays! They are supposed to be merry, but usually comes with long lists of things to do, from running errands, shopping, wrapping, baking and cleaning. It seems like the lists never end causing us all kinds of emotions, stress, and loss of patience.

Stress can put your health at risk and affect your digestive system, as well as other things and that is no fun during the holidays. Find some ways to reduce holiday stress with these tips so everything goes smooth for the holidays.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is super important and can help reduce stress. When you get about 8 hours of sleep a night, you can wake up with a clearer head and be ready to get things done for the day to prepare for the holidays.

Take a Break

It’s okay to take a break and healthy to do so. When you feel like you need one, walk away to a quiet place that does not have distractions for 15 minutes or so. I like to go outside and sit on my back patio and just stare out at the yard or sky. Or if you want something soothing, try listening to music or even read a book. Then, once you feel calm and ready to go back to your holiday lists, head back to them.

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The best way to overcome stress is with some exercise. It doesn’t have to be extreme. As long as you’re moving for 10-30 minutes, that can help boost your mood. It gets your blood pumping creating energy to make you feel good and minimize stress. If you’re not a fan a strenuous exercise, try going for a brisk walk. Walking is also a great way to clear your mind.

how to reduce holiday stress

Keep it Simple

Make a list and keep the festivities simple. Don’t feel like you have to have a Pinterest-worthy holiday. The idea is spending that time with family, enjoying a conversation, playing games. No one really cares how your house is decorated and such. Less is more, and it will definitely relieve some stress when you stick to that.

Get Support

Holidays are stressful and we are all dealing with it. It’s okay to ask for help and can be a huge relief when you do so. Get the kids and spouse to pitch in with things such as chores, cooking, setting the table, wrapping presents etc.


I cannot stress enough on how important self-care is. Our mental and physical health is the most important, especially during the holidays. You can do things such as take a hot bath, give yourself a manicure, or even taking some alone time.

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