Ways to Recharge from a Busy Day

Updated August 31, 2016

ways to recharge from a busy day

Let’s face we are all busy nowadays from the kids to work to home. Some days I feel like the to do list never ends and usually by the middle of the day I am exhausted. It’s important to take the time to recharge from a busy day and you can do so with these 5 tips.

Ways to Recharge from a Busy Day

It doesn’t have to be a full workout. A 10 minute power walk around the block can make you feel more energized and ready to keep going.

Power Nap.
A power nap of 20 minutes of less can give you great results of feeling refreshed. If you are able to nap during lunch time during work it is a great pick me up for the middle of the day exhaustion.

meditate with lean pockets

Believe it or not, meditation can help you recharge at any time of the day and doesn’t require much time. Choose a quiet place and go into a relaxed state of mind. This will help reduce stress and keep your focused throughout the day.

Turn off all electronics and close that laptop for as long as you can and disconnect. When you disconnect you will find that you will have some extra free time for family bonding or quiet time for yourself.

lean pockets

Savour a Mini-Meal.
Concentrate on each bite you take when you bite into a delicious Lean Pocket sandwich. Savour that moment as each flavor hits your taste buds. You will find that you will get a quick burst of energy along with a satisfying lunch. Not only are they great tasting and a satisfying mini-meals but they are a good source of protein, made with 100% real cheese and no artificial flavors.

inside of lean pockets

You can find a variety of LEAN POCKETS sandwiches that feature premium cuts of meat like White Meat Chicken, Hickory Ham, Slow Cooked Beef and Signature Pepperoni on pretzel bread or whole grain crusts baked fresh daily and real, melty cheese in every bite.

So take that much-needed break and enjoy something tasty, convenient and affordable Lean Pockets sandwiches found in your local grocery freezer section. And save even more with this printable coupon for $1 off 3 products.

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