5 Ways to Protect Your Identity Online

Updated January 25, 2022

Your identity is yours, and you want to keep it that way. Fraudsters are always working on new ways to get your personal information and use it against you. And with so many ways to buy and sell products and services on the Internet, identity theft concerns have exploded. As a consumer, there are precautions you should take to protect your data privacy.

Ways to Protect Your Identity Online

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Businesses and individuals can easily be victims of stolen identity, no matter where they live or do business. Your data is valuable, but you may not know it until it is lost. I’ve had this happen to me a few times and let me tell you it is not fun. Not only is it a big hassle but also very violating.

Data privacy is something that is high on the minds of many people today, and it’s natural to want to know how you can make sure that your information is safe. Here are five ways that you can protect your data privacy and enjoy online connectivity with peace of mind.

5 Ways to Protect Your Identity Online

  1. If a site doesn’t have HTTPS, go elsewhere. If it’s too good to be true then it probably is. Stay safe by going to a secured website and beware of false ones.
  2. Create strong passwords for all of your accounts making it hard for thefts to guess.
  3. Think about what information you’re putting out there. Avoid storing sensitive information like identity documents and credit card details on your device.
  4. Don’t use public WiFi or a shared computer to access personal data. Using an unsecured wireless hotspot or a shared computer puts you at risk.
  5. Set up a Virtual Private Network, or VPN to keep from prying eyes to get your information.

5 Ways to Protect Your Identity Online

January 24th – 28th is Data Privacy Week, a time to take stock of their personal cybersecurity and to take steps to be more secure online. Learn more about Data Privacy Week here.

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