Ways to Get your Home Ready for Back to School

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ways to get your home ready for back to school

In less than a month it will be time for the kids to go back to school. This year I want to be prepared for when they do go back by getting my house and back to school items ready so it can be less stressful. I am using products from P&G Household Needs from Costco to help me get prepared.

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To get what I need to prepare my home, I head to Costco and stock up on P&G Household items such as Dawn Platinum Advanced Power, Gain Original, Cascade Complete Action Pacs, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, and Swiffer Duster Refills.  These are the basic items I use for multiple tasks around the home.

Clean out the fridge.
Get rid of any old food in the fridge. Take everything out and wipe out of the inside using Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Put a box of baking soda in the back of the fridge to help absorb any odors. Organize the food in your fridge and place items for Back to School lunches and after school snacks in an easy to reach place.

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Wipe down kitchen counters.
Wet a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and watch it reveal the clean underneath. The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser has micro scrubbers that get activated with water. Not only do they erase dirt and grime but can also erase tough messes and are safe on most surfaces.


Dust the homework station.
Prepare an area in your home for kids to do their homework and drop off school papers that need to be looked at. Dust the area using Swiffer Dust Refills by attaching them to the handle provided in the box. This makes it easy to get a quick dusting in especially if you are cramped for time. They trap and lock 3X’s MORE dirt, hair and allergens than feather dusters. I love that they are flexible and get in corners and every nook and cranny where dusts builds up.


Wash all dishes.
To make sure there are plenty of dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the start of the school year get every dish clean that is sitting in your sink. Skip the pre-rinse and use Cascade Complete Action Pacs in the dishwasher. With the power of Dawn, Cascade Complete ActionPacs let you end the prewash once and for all.


Clean out closets.
Kids tend to grow over the summer so be sure to go through their closets to see what fits and doesn’t fit. Wash new back to school clothes or uniforms with Gain Original laundry detergent. Not only does it get the clothes amazingly clean but leaves an irresistible scent that will keep you sniffing your clothes. It smells that good! After you wash the new clothes hang them up according to season so the closet is easy to manage.


Clean out lunchboxes & backpacks.
Apply Dawn Platinum Advanced Power to a wet sponge or cloth and clean out lunchboxes so they are ready for Back to School lunches. Dawn Platinum Advanced Power fights tough stuck‐on food especially if something has been in that lunchbox for who knows when.

Develop a chore list for each family member to get completed each week to help keep your home tidy and organized throughout the school year.

It’s the little details in P&G Household Needs products that make them different from other brands and make our home feel clean. You can find P&G Household Needs products at your local Costco store.

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