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5 Ways to Get Home Inspiration

Everyone needs a little home inspiration now and then. Whether you are in the process of buying or selling your home, looking to redesign your space, or just want some new decorating ideas, here are 5 ways to get home inspiration!

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Before you get started in any kind of home project, make sure to set a budget to help you stay on track. It can be very easy to just add things to the cart to find out later you’ve spent too much. By setting yourself up with an appropriate budget before you start will help limit the amount of time that is wasted searching for items that won’t fit into your budget.

Ways to Get Home Inspiration


Magazines are my #1 go to when getting home inspiration. From trying new recipes to redecorating, you can find me flipping through the pages of Better Homes & Gardens, Martha Stewart Living and Southern Living magazines. I’ve been a long time subscriber of all three and love when a new issue arrives in my mailbox.

Better homes start with Better Homes and Gardens. They offer decorating advice to help you create a clean and welcoming space in your home.

she shed front porch ideas

I remember awhile back reading an article in Better Homes and Garden about She Shed ideas and got me inspired to build my own. I even created a vision board by cutting out the pictures from the issues to help decorate it. It also gave me fall porch design ideas filled with pumpkins, mums to make it cozy and inviting!

Martha Stewart Living is perfect for those who are looking to add elegance in their homes. With tips on entertaining, holiday decorations, DIY projects – there’s something for anyone in this magazine!

Southern Living Magazine has recipes from across the south with information about local food producers. Their comfort dinner article never fails when I’m trying new recipes in the kitchen! You can also find articles about gardening, travel adventures, crafts – so much more!

And with the holidays upon us, you are sure to find a ton of home inspiration such as food and drink trends of Autumn inspired by pumpkin spiced lattes, sweet potatoes, butternut squash soup along with fall and holiday decorating. 

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If there’s one thing we recommend when it comes to interior design inspiration, it’s pinning away! There are so many great boards out there full of ideas that you just might not have thought of on your own. Save them to your own personal boards so they are easy to find for later! 

Pinterest is great, but if the idea behind pinning isn’t enough inspiration for you, try using Pinterest with a twist by creating an account expressly dedicated towards finding design inspirations and inspiration boards. 

5 Ways to Get Home Inspiration

Talk to Friends

One of the best ways to get inspiration for your home is by talking with others who know what they are doing when it comes to interior design. Whether that means asking friends, family members or neighbors if they have any ideas for decorating your space, listening can often be just as helpful in inspiration as talking.


Blogs are a great way to get inspiration for you home. Follow your favorite blogger of who’s home you admire and get some tips along the way. Mine blog for instance has a large variety of recipes to try from desserts, main dishes, holiday and more. And if you love a good DIY project, I have several that also fit within your budget. I’d love to hear if you’ve tried some of them out.

Facebook Groups

Did you know that there are Facebook Groups specifically for home projects, DIY, recipes and more? There is! To find them can be tricky so I would suggest searching on Facebook in the groups tab. They are great for getting home decoration, home decorating ideas, home design, home improvement tips, recipe ideas all year long. Plus, you can ask questions and tips to the members in the group when you’re feeling kind of stuck.

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