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Ways to Celebrate Earth Day with Pets

Updated April 8, 2017

Ways to Celebrate Earth Day with Pets

While you are celebrating Earth Day on Saturday, April 22nd, don’t forget about your four-legged friends. They are just as important on earth as we are and we have every reason to celebrate with them. Show them the beauty of nature, sun and what this earth has to offer with different ways you can celebrate Earth Day with pets.

Go for a Walk – Enjoy the outdoors and nature with your fury friend. Consider walking instead of driving to run errands if places are close. Make sure to bring pet essentials with you for your pet such as biodegradable waste bags, treats, leash, water, etc. Your pet will enjoy it just as much as you do.

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Adopt – So many pets need to find a home and are available at shelters. Avoid overpopulation and rescue a fury friend at your local shelter and give them the love they deserve. Be sure to have them spayed and neutered as many shelters will do it for you before you adopt.

Buy Eco-Friendly Pet Products – When shopping for pet products search for Eco-Friendly ones. Some many companies are now getting smart and making products to help the Earth and safe for our pets. You can find products from cleaners, toys, pet shampoo, and even pet beds.

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Donate to a Local Shelter – If your fury friend no longer plays with toys or has outgrown collars, leashes, etc. think about donating to a local shelter. They are always in need of items and willing to take donations. And if you have any old sheets or towels consider donating to a local shelter rather than throwing them out and taking up waste in the landfills.

Plant a Pet-Friendly Garden – If you are thinking of planting a garden and have a pet that likes to dig or get into things outside choose pet-friendly plants. Some plants are toxic to pets so be sure to do your research before you plant or make sure the area is secured and not able to get into.

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Toss the Tube – Did you know that billions of toilet paper tubes are used each year? Now think of how much is taking up our landfills as not everyone recycles them. It’s so important to reduce the waste to improve the Earth as much as we can. Plus, we don’t need our pets chewing on the rolls and ingesting it. I found a product that can help make a difference a great way to celebrate Earth Day everyday. It’s a new product called Scott® Tube-Free toilet paper. You heard that right, no tube is in the middle. There is no reason for the roll so why have it? Everything stays in place and you’ve contributed in helping the Earth each day when using Scott® Tube-Free toilet paper.

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Happy Earth Day!

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