Tips on How to Prepare the Guest Room for the Holidays


Preparing The Guest Room For Christmas Holidays


There is only one holiday that really deserves our attention and admiration – Christmas. It is a time of great joy and celebration, but it is also time for work and doing household chores. Even though Santa is yet to waddle his fat belly through the chimney, we can all feel the electricity in the air building up. Soon enough we will be facing one of the greatest one could experience – having people over for the holidays. I know that most of you are already flinching by the idea of having to care for someone and attend to their needs – but it is all worth it in the end if you think about it. I mean there are going to be presents, and kissing under the mistletoe; drinking, having fun… so is cleaning the guest-room such a bother? I think not!


Organizing Your Priorities


What is the most important thing inside a guest room? If you said the “beds” you will be 100% correct! The beds are the first thing you should deal with, and then you can move on to bathrooms, curtains, carpets and soft furniture. Make sure that you have everything written down in a manner similar to this:


  • Beds – Dry clean the mattresses; change the sheets.
  • Carpets – Dry clean and deodorized
  • Curtains – Wash
  • Bathrooms – Bleach floors; bleach toilet bowl; clean bathtub; buff mirrors/metal elements
  • Etc, etc, etc


Once you have your game plan ready,  take a couple of minutes to figure out which action precedes which action, as to maximize your cleaning output without doing any extra work for yourself.  Of o course in this situation I would recommend using the “pyramid’ way of cleaning – we start from the top and make our way to the bottom.


The Pyramid


When people are speaking in terms of actual, factual pyramids – they probably have a certain picture in mind as to how a normal pyramid behaves; like the higher we get the narrower the body structure becomes. Now imagine if the pyramid was placed upside-down. That is what we are trying to do here; follow the pyramid up, but go down instead.


Starting From The Top

Now, at the top of our pyramid we have the ceiling; the air vents if you have any; light-bulbs/fight-fixtures and probably a window. First thing you need to do is to get the mattress, sheets, and everything else out of the way. Get a broom (if it is too short to reach the ceiling, get an extender) and sweep everything down to the floor. This is going to make quite a mess. If a light-fixture is dirty/filled with dead bugs – cleaning that with a wet rag is a must!


Working our way to the bottom

Next it is time to handle any windows, pictures, doors, mirrors, dressers, closets, desks, upholsteries and everything else that is at about head/torso height. For good upholstery cleaning (sofa, armchairs, curtains, leather) rent a special dry cleaner equipped with the proper shampoo. When treating soft furniture, always make sure to read the labels, and not use water instead of shampoo. Wooden furniture is best treated with a specialized wood-cleaner, although a normal – multi-purpose cleaners might work just as well. Just don’t use too much water, or else you are going to damage the wood.


Rock Bottom

Carpets are best handled with dry cleaning (just use the same thing you used to clean your upholsteries). If your carpet suffers from nasty odors (cat pee), you can sprinkle some baking soda and let it sit for a while. Hard wood is best treated with a mop and some liquid wood cleaner.


Finishing Touches

Make sure that all your guests have fresh towels; clean bed sheets and most of all – a clean (almost sterile) private washroom. If your guest room is not equipped with a private washroom, make sure to clean your own washroom right! Add a couple of fresh flowers, some Christmas decorations here and there (a heater of some kind, if the room gets cold at night) and you are all set. Welcome all!


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