Tips for the Perfect Shoe Fit

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tips for the perfect shoe fit

When I was a kid my mom worked as a shoe saleswoman for 16 years and always made sure we had the perfect shoe fit growing up. Of course, as a kid I never really understood all the finger pressing, measuring, etc. she did to our feet before we tried on our shoes. Kids just want to put the shoes on and go but there are some really important tips to consider when finding the right shoes. If a shoe doesn’t fit correctly it can do more damage than you think. Not only can it cause discomfort but can also create stress fractures, blisters and more.

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Feet come in all different shapes and sizes so to find the right shoes for back to school we headed to DICK’s Sporting Goods ® where they offer the hottest trends in footwear that are perfect gym, class, or casual kicks. And check out that large selection of shoes to choose from. No one left empty-handed as there are so many options to choose.

Tips for the Perfect Shoe Fit

foot measure device

Measure Both Feet.
With kids shoes size changes constantly and both feet may not be the same. Use the foot measuring device at the store and wearing socks have the child stand up to measure.  Place the back of the heel into the same heel cup of the foot you are measuring. Read the toe length from the longest toe for accurate measurement. Lastly, measure the arch of the foot by sliding the pointer on the side to the inside curve of the foot. Compare the 2 measurements and use the larger of the two to find the correct size.


Wear the Proper Socks.
Socks matters when it comes to proper shoe fit. Make sure you are wearing the correct sock as they come in a large variety depending on the activity you are using the shoes for. When you determine what shoes you are getting and what activity they are for such as running, casual wear, etc., head on over to the sock section and find the appropriate pair.

Lace up.
Make sure the shoes are laced up properly. Not only will it ensure proper fit but also help prevent from injuries.

toe test

The Press your Finger on the Toe Test.
To test the toe space in the shoes, have the child stand up after they put the shoes on. Make sure their toes are relaxed and not curled up. Press down at the top of the shoe on their longest toe to make sure there is about a width of your finger space in between the longest toe and the front of the shoe. If there is not you will want to go up a half-size.

Take a Walk.
Have the child walk around the store to make sure the shoes feel comfortable. Ask them if they have any issues with anything poking or rubbing their feet as they walk. If they are using them for sports have them take a lap around the store or area to get a better feel of the shoe when they move.

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Now let the kids have gone thru the tests and measures of finding the right shoe for them, they can now enjoy them. Not only is DICK’s Sporting Goods ® thee place to find some awesome footwear a takes but is also a great one-stop shop for clothes, backpacks, lunch boxes and more!

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  • David
    August 28, 2016 at 12:47 pm

    The best tip I have is to let the kids pick out their own clothes. If you try to get away with bringing them home things you think they will like, you will always end up getting something they hate. But you have to make sure you give them a budget, so they do not break the bank.


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