Tips for Reducing Stress in Your Life

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tips to reduce stress

Everyone of us deals with stressful days and situations that make it seem impossible for us to get back on track. Once that snowball of stress begins to build, it’s hard to melt it before you have a gargantuan snowball crashing down a hill, and your kids and husband are all running for the hills. Here are several tips that can help you reduce stress, and prevent stress from controlling the outcome of your day. 

Tips for Reducing Stress in Your Life

Stay positive

Stress has to do with you, when you handle a disappointment negatively. Most of the stress you have building up is because you allow your brain to tell you it’s hopeless, this isn’t what I signed up for. Tell yourself positive things in negative situations, so you don’t get defeated by 8 a.m. 

Take out all the busy (manage your day better)

We make our days so busy with extra added-in tasks that make a day go from crazy, to all out of control chaotic madness kind of day. Certain things might have to give. If it makes it easier, write down on a daily planner everything you hope to accomplish in that day. If you easily spot out something that can go, make it an extra if you have time, later on that day.

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Eat healthy food

The natural thing to do when you’re stressed is to eat. Eat and eat and eat. Usually, comfort foods like chips, cookies, or anything high in carbs, are the go-to for stress eaters. Stay away from this. Make sure you’re eating a balanced meal 3 times a day.

Realize you can’t control everything

We as humans think if we can control our surroundings, we can make things run smoother. Honestly, that’s gonna stress you out even more. There are certain things we just cannot control, yet how you respond to that setback, determines what your stress level is at by the end of the day.

How to Reduce Stress

Take a supplement

Destress night and day with a herbal supplement such as Stressballs. By taking one for day and one for night can keep your stress level in balance drug and habit-free. They are made with all natural ingredients of ashwagandha, lemon balm, valerian root, lavender, ginseng, and melatonin.

The benefits of taking Stressballs during the day will help you focus, reenergize, and destress. And for night it will help you relax, sleep and destress with no next day grogginess. You can find Stressball at Walmart near the pharmacy.


Find a time in your day to relax. Set your iPhone and iPads down and just take a break from social media, and everybody else’s problems you’ve been wrapped up in. I don’t care if you do yoga, meditating, praying or taking a 15 minute power nap, just do something that slows you down.

Plenty of rest

Simply getting enough sleep will recharge your battery, so you can deal with stress better than when you are lacking in that department.


Exercising is a great way to cope with stress. While you’re working out, your body is busy producing endorphins in your brain, that act as painkillers, that will calm you, and even help you sleep better. Don’t forget that it will make you feel better about yourself as well. 

These are a number of ways to help prevent, and reduce stress from your everyday living. Which ones will you try to help you? What other ways do you reduce stress in your life?

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